Delayed by decades the construction of Delta City begins to catch up to Old Detroit.

As OCP Corporation takes control of the police in Old Detroit crooked executives fight for control of the streets for the illegal drug supply in Old Detroit while trying to secure their position as a crime boss in Delta City.

Old Detroit becomes a safe haven for fugitives and criminals from New York and other abandoned hoods (Blackout ’77) as criminals fight their way into Delta City looking for a top crime position as the Delta City economy opens.

Unheard of in Old Detroit in the future, the remains of Robocop are found in an old garbage dump…his records long lost because of the construction of Delta City.

Criminal scientists using cloning technology bring Robocop back to life by growing his skin and brain back.

Reactivated, he continues his journey to police Old Detroit and protect the new Delta City.

Clarence Boddicker the boss of Old Detroit tries to make it big in Delta City by becoming a criminal kingpin with his own Skyscraper as Delta City begins to run New Detroit but must face his old rival Robocop.

Example Dialog:

Clarence sees Robocop for the first time reactivated:

Clarence: “What the f**k is that thing doing here?”

Gang Member: “Someone grew it’s skin back.”

Clarence: “What the f**k would they do that for!?”

Clarence must reactivate his old weapons from OCP from the time period that Robocop was created in to kill him for good on his way to the top in Delta City.

Clarence To Murphy: “No charges filed.”

Large explosion from Clarence’s gun, Murphy’s head explodes for him to become Robocop.

Years later, Robocop has been regenerated.

Clarence finds out that someone has attached Robocop to an invisible microchip in his brain and the cyborg keeps regenerating itself and coming after him.

The gang finds out that Murphy might have did it himself in case he got killed and they try to seek out the scientist responsible.

Gang Member: “Who the f**ck is this guy? Where does he keep coming from?