Rocky: Rocky Get’s His Money Back

Years after retirement, being poor and the death of his first wife Rocky takes part in an exhibition match with the current Heavy Weight Champion with the belt on the line and is mocked in the crowd by Ivan Drago who has come to bet against Rocky claiming to his friends that he’s the one that retired Rocky by giving him “the stinger” during the match with a lead weight hidden in his boxing glove during the mock bet.

In a desperate moment during the match Rocky knocks out the Champion with a dirty blow, winning the belt and the bet and getting all his money back humiliating Ivan Drago on live ESPN turning Rocky into the most hated man in sports and igniting a new feud with Ivan Drago.

“Bad Guy Rocky” becomes his new moniker around town as Rocky’s greed goes to his head with his new found fame as he forgets everyone one from the past except for Pauly and his mob friends who “think he’s doing a great job for everyone” and to keep up the good work.

Rocky retires rich with the belt forgetting his past and has recovered from the stinger, years of boxing and working out have turned the old men to steel and their feud continues into older age in their grudge match and their illegal tactics that were banned since the 1980’s.

This leads to new feud of old time boxing and a re-match as the group heads into retirement.