Data awakens in a lost Starfleet Space Shuttle millions of years in the future in Star Trek after being preserved in a cryogenic state in the vacuum of outer space inside the shuttle.

Awakening, he continues his journey into the future of the Star Trek Multiverse finding out that he himself is actually Dr. Soon and that he has trapped himself in an android body and is now lost in the future of Star Trek.

In the future Data notices a strange plot in nature when old scripts of stories he once encountered or heard about in the past in Starfleet and becomes wrapped up in the events studying the plot lines.

Calculating the time and biological events in the Universe since going into stasis for millions of years that through basic probability some story lines similar to his in the past must exist in the future.

In his quest to become more human, after realizing he is the real Dr. Soon brain in his android body, he secretly maps the similar story lines to live in his own “Starfleet” story line of the future while not revealing this to the rest of the characters, dropping and replacing people he meets to build his own version of his past with the best possible characters for his continuation into the future in his own secret Starfleet like social life from the past.