Stormtroopers clone Darth Vader and bring him back to life inside a regeneration tank pulling him from the good side of the force back into his old body returning him to the dark side in his original suit which has been reconstructed.

Emperor: “Ahhhh, what have you done?”

Seeing in the force the time line change.

Emperor: “Luke has returned from the future of the force.”

Emperor: “Vader….”

Stormtrooper: “Lord Vader has returned.”

Emperor: “Wake him.”

Darth Vader: “What of the Empire?”

Emperor: “Safe in the hands of the imperial forces.”

Darth Vader: “Excellent….I told you the power of the dark side!”

Imperial Trooper: “What of Greedo and the rest…..the bounty hunters.”

Emperor: “No…a tremor in the time line in force with young Skywalker…Greedo survived and Solo missed his shot in the Cantena three times….because of Luke, now that he has his hand back.”

Meanwhile…at the Sarlacc pit (Return Of The Jedi)…time line…Luke’s hand restored.

Han Solo: “Luke…my cover….don’t escape…I’m a Rebel ship Captain…”

Bounty Hunter: “Hear him….he’s a rebel spy….Solo….”

Han Solo: “Luke…no, my cover!”

Luke: “No way Solo….not this trip…”

Luke leaves, deactivating R2D2 for corrupting his X-Wing’s Computer at Sky City in The Empire Strikes back.

Luke: “He’s not the real Boba Fett!!!…Quick, Jaba’s going to kill the imposter!”

Jabba The Hut: “Muraaaaaa, banging hands…Kill Him, Kill Him.”

Jabba pointing at Luke.

Fake Boba Fett…jumps into Sarlacc killing it and escapes.

Luke to co-pilot friend: “I could have lost my hand back there buddy.”

Luke’s Friend: “No Luke, we made it…let’s get out of here.”

Luke: “Alert the X-Wing pilots…Solo’s a rebel spy captain.”

Luke beeping computer on wrist back, all clear on Solo in the Empire…outed as a rebel spy ship captain posing a smuggler in the Empire.


// The Multiverse Effect creates new variations of the events across the Star Wars multiverse, including stories of old returned Jedi’s cloned back into their bodies from old DNA samples. //



A disembodied Luke Skywalker from the future in the good side of the force travels back in time to the first movie to instruct Ben to stop him from turning to the dark side in is quest to stop Darth Vader.

Luke’s Return: During the Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker Light Sabre match at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back” Luke get’s his chance and is returned to his body while facing Darth Vader.

Pilot Cut From First Movie: “Luke!” Shooting Darth Vader in the left side of the stomach.

Darth Vader’s suit malfunctioning pulls the gun from the pilot, not having his full grasp, Luke getting his chance escapes to safety with the pilot escaping in their X-Wing.

Luke leaves Ben behind in some kind of early “dark side” he believes to himself, keeping his hand and continuing on as a Jedi refusing to fight with his new power.

Ben: “Luke, noooooooooo!”…vanishing into the force from Luke.

Luke to Pilot: “Let’s get outta here.” Nodding to the X-Wing and getting his second chance.

Luke To Pilot, revolted: “They said it was my father.”

Pilot giving advice to Luke: “No Luke, that’s just a machine.” Clasping his arm.

Luke shooting Darth Vader in the chest deactivating him: “Disgusting.”

The two leave in the X-Wing Fighter, Luke decides to return to his X-Wing unit with his friends to abandon the rebels and leave the rebellion and decides to use the force to be a fighter pilot, saving his light sabre just in case.

Pilot to Luke: “Their going to regenerate him.”

Luke: “They’ll try and be back.” sickened.

Later at the Death Star…..

Minion referring to Luke: “That’s no Jedi, that’s just a pilot with a machine for a father…ahhhhh”, strangled by a reactivated Darth Vader.

Emperor: “We must find this new force of young Skywalker.”

Darth Vader infuriated wanting his full body back: “Ahhhhhh, I need to return to light of the force to get my body back like Luke.”

Darth Vader becoming impatient: “I have just returned from the light with Ben who has been lost in the force, now I am trapped too far into the Dark Side to grow my limbs back ahhhhhhh.”

Darth Vader then following the path of Luke Skywalker begins his journey back into the light of the force to regenerate his limbs by not fighting, growing one third of his limbs back has to update his suit.

//UPDATE: DARTH VADER has new suit constructed, the same with one third of his body restored in a new partial cyborg suit with different arms and legs, some parts open to reveal the gears on the new suit with the the same black with grey updates and new robotics because of his new limb growth has reduced the size of his costume.//

Darth Vader returns to lead the Empire for the Emperor partially regenerated, avoiding the part of the dark side his has escaped from searching for Luke who has escaped with his friends from the Rebellion Academy and abandoned the Republic.



Instructing Ben from the future in the force Luke Skywalker must re-enter his own body before the final scenes in “The Empire Strikes Back” to when he was younger to follow Darth Vader who has returned from the Dark Side.

There he must return to his body and stop his hand from being cut off, it is revealed to Luke that the true nature of the force is that Jedi can’t see in the Dark Side because they are fighting blind similar to being in a “dark closet” with their eyes closed, anyone entering the Dark Side becomes instantly deformed because they are blind upon entry when attacked by the Sith.

The Jedi can’t see in the Dark Side when they enter so they become blind victims of the Sith, Luke must re-enter his body before he sticks his hand into the Dark Side which was cut off by Darth Vader to save his hand and himself from being lost in the Dark Side forever with a re-embodied Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker Dialog:

Young Jedi Student: “Where’s R2-D2?”

Luke Skywalker – Working On Restoring His Original X-Wing Fighter: ” Oh, old R2? We stripped him down for parts years ago.”

Referring to correcting his path away from the Dark Side.

Luke and his friends find out that Han Solo has be an senior undercover Republic agent the whole time and has been re-posted to his Starship Command to find out what happened to Luke and his missing pilot friends.