Military scientists discover a strange grey metallic material that hurts Superman like knives stabbing him, they learn that this material is Kryptonite a strange element from another planet like the uranium core of Krypton that subdues Supermans power.

Now they must decide how to handle the situation with superman…on even terms.

Scene 1 – Superman explodes and dies over the skies of Metropolis.

Batman: “They got him! They shot Superman!”

Crowd astonished, after Superman has exploded in the opening sequence after being shot by a cooled kryptonite military shell.

A still quiet has developed in a new world without Superman, as villains secretly divide up their new territories.

Superman: “What happened, I just exploded…ahh ahhh…I must be trapped in the chemicals of the planets atmosphere.”

Superman: “ahh, ahh…I must get out of here.”

Superman now exploded and trapped in the chemicals of the planet experiences some kind of death like vision in his head as his life flashes before him…now he must put himself back together and return to the solid part of the planet.

Superman then begins the journey to reconstruct himself while trapped inside the chemicals of the Earth where he relives stories of his past and faces his inner consciousness.

Then he becomes a stronger Superman who has become more adapted to the Earth but now faces cooled Kryptonie bullets invented by Bruce Wayne who has now begun using his handgun to protect himself from Superman which ignites a war between the two as Batman and Superman’s enemies arm themselves with Bruce Waynes Krytonite bullets.

Superman (disembodied in the chemicals of the planet): “Why did I tell them it was Kryptonite?”

Superman: “If I could only go back and fix it…..ahhhhh”.


Bruce Wayne unconvinced on the final demise of Superman creates an unofficial agreement with crime figures and villains to help him create his cooled Kryponite bullets by allowing other scientists to help him in the research lab.

Bruce Wayne: “We need to find out what happened to Superman’s body, he could be back.”

Bullet Customer: “How will you hide these cooled bullets from Superman if he returns?”

Bruce Wayne: “The bullets come in a Radioactive Kryptonite Case and the gun itself is live Kryptonite inside steel, he won’t be able to detect the gun without coming in contact with the Kryptonite.

This new “alliance” ignites a war between Gotham and Metropolis in Superman’s absence as Bruce Wayne rises to new power in a world without Superman.

Superman (disembodied in the chemicals of the planet): “I can feel myself getting younger inside the planet’s chemicals.”

Superman (disembodied): “How much time has gone by? Maybe someday they will forget about my weakness when I am old….maybe I should hide when I return until they forget, then to live a normal life….ahhhhh, my head…..maybe someday”.

Superman continue to deal with the struggles of his unresolved issues of the past while rejuvinating the chemicals of the planet realizing he will always be young on Earth as other’s age.”

Superman (disembodied): “So many people have come and gone it has been so long, I have forgotten them.”

He continues to relive stories of his past trying to deal with the issues to live into the future on Earth…planning his escape from his weakness.

Superman (disembodied): “Someday they will forget and I will be young again in the future on Earth.”