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Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Pamela Voorhees

A psychic teenager must put Jason Voorhees back into Crystal Lake after it is revealed that Pamela Voorhees Jason’s mother was a witch who put a spell on herself at Camp Crystal Lake built in the 1930’s during the great depression to resurrect her dead son from the lake to avenge her if she was killed.

Friday The 13th: Theme Park Of Terror

A group of young adults visit a new theme park near old Camp Crystal Lake where a young boy drowned when they we little. A trip back to the camp awakens Jason Voorhees who follows them to the theme park seeking teenage victims.

Friday The 13th: The Return Of Jason Voorhees

Jason escapes Crystal Lake and follows teenagers to a Heavy Metal concert where he meets the band and the fans backstage to kill everyone at the concert, the North East enters a lock down as the government must face the public return as Jason again is outed into the public.

Friday The 13th: “A New Beginning” fan Re-Write

Confusion about who is the real Jason Voorhies breaks out with the police after the parent of a murdered kid with Tommy Jarvis sent to the institution after killing Jason Voorhies is found dressed as the killer.

As the patients and others begin to copy Tommy’s behavior they begin creating conflicts with him, trying to out do his toughness and get a bigger piece of Jason Vorhees than Tommy in the fight (continuing into “Jason Lives” ) as hysteria begins in the towns, the killings begin leading to the copycat killer emergence of Roy Burns, Jason Voorhees copycat killer caused by Tommy’s arrival at the hospital retreat, the police blame Tommy for being the killer while the real Jason has potentially escaped his body somehow ending up back in the ground before the next movie, “Jason Lives” or is Jason himself disembodied and jumping from person to person as the real killer.

A New Beginning: Part 2 – Movie Fan Script Based On “Friday The 13th: A New Beginning”

Ambulance driver Roy Burns becomes a Jason Voorhees copycat and continues his serial killing spree in “A New Beginning Part 2” , separate from “Friday The 13th: A New Beginning”.