Movie Scripts

Original Movie Scripts By Jason MacKenzie

Movie scripts I am working on right now.

Blackout ’77

New York gangs in the 1970’s move in to the South Bronx to kill all the club owners and assume their positions while looting New York and fighting the police to their death during the New York Blackout of 1977.

Updated July 11, 2022

Based on real events.

Grandma Goes Back To School

England loses the education system again!

When grandma only looks 26 they send her back to the gifted elementary school where she used to work undercover as a secret agent at in the 1960’s to save the class after England loses the education system again.

Example Dialog:

Kid: “Grandma, you got your old job back at the elementary school!”

Kid: “Grandma, you’ll have to teach them all how to read again from England!”

Grandma to Bus Driver – pulls gun out of purse: “Bus driver, take me to the school!”

Movie Fan Scripts By Jason MacKenzie

These are fan movie / book plots I am working on, maybe someday I will sell them and they will become a real movie.

Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Pamela Voorhees

A psychic teenager must put Jason Voorhees back into Crystal Lake after it is revealed that Pamela Voorhees Jason’s mother was a witch who put a spell on herself at Camp Crystal Lake built in the 1930’s during the great depression to resurrect her dead son from the lake to avenge her if she was killed.

Friday The 13th: Theme Park Of Terror

A group of young adults visit a new theme park near old Camp Crystal Lake where a young boy drowned when they we little. A trip back to the camp awakens Jason Voorhees who follows them to the theme park seeking teenage victims.

Friday The 13th: The Return Of Jason Voorhees

Jason escapes Crystal Lake and follows teenagers to a Heavy Metal concert where he meets the band and the fans backstage to kill everyone at the concert, the North East enters a lock down as the government must face the public return as Jason again is outed into the public.

Star Wars – The Return Of Darth Vader

Stormtroopers clone Darth Vader and bring him back to life inside a regeneration tank pulling him from the good side of the force back into his old body returning him to the dark side in his original suit which has been reconstructed.

Emperor: “Ahhhh, what have you done?”

Seeing in the force the time line change.

Emperor: “Luke has returned from the future of the force.”

Emperor: “Vader….”

Stormtrooper: “Lord Vader has returned.”

Emperor: “Wake him.”

// The Multiverse Effect creates new variations of the events across the Star Wars multiverse, including stories of old returned Jedi’s cloned back into their bodies from old DNA samples. //

Star Wars – The Return Of Darth Vader Part 2

A disembodied Luke Skywalker from the future in the good side of the force travels back in time to the first movie to instruct Ben to stop him from turning to the dark side in is quest to stop Darth Vader.

Luke’s Return: During the Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker Light Sabre match at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back” Luke get’s his chance and is returned to his body while facing Darth Vader.

Pilot Cut From First Movie: “Luke!” Shooting Darth Vader in the left side of the stomach.

Darth Vader’s suit malfunctioning pulls the gun from the pilot, not having his full grasp, Luke getting his chance escapes to safety with the pilot escaping in their X-Wing.

Luke leaves Ben behind in some kind of early “dark side” he believes to himself, keeping his hand and continuing on as a Jedi refusing to fight with his new power.

Ben: “Luke, noooooooooo!”…vanishing into the force from Luke.

Luke to Pilot: “Let’s get outta here.” Nodding to the X-Wing and getting his second chance.

Luke To Pilot, revolted: “They said it was my father.”

Pilot giving advice to Luke: “No Luke, that’s just a machine.” Clasping his arm.

Luke shooting Darth Vader in the chest deactivating him: “Disgusting.”

The two leave in the X-Wing Fighter, Luke decides to return to his X-Wing unit with his friends to abandon the rebels and leave the rebellion and decides to use the force to be a fighter pilot, saving his light sabre just in case.

Pilot to Luke: “Their going to regenerate him.”

Luke: “They’ll try and be back.” sickened.

Later at the Death Star…..

Minion referring to Luke: “That’s no Jedi, that’s just a pilot with a machine for a father…ahhhhh”, strangled by a reactivated Darth Vader.

Emperor: “We must find this new force of young Skywalker.”

Darth Vader infuriated wanting his full body back: “Ahhhhhh, I need to return to light of the force to get my body back like Luke.”

Darth Vader becoming impatient: “I have just returned from the light with Ben who has been lost in the force, now I am trapped too far into the Dark Side to grow my limbs back ahhhhhhh.”

Darth Vader then following the path of Luke Skywalker begins his journey back into the light of the force to regenerate his limbs by not fighting, growing one third of his limbs back has to update his suit.

//UPDATE: DARTH VADER has new suit constructed, the same with one third of his body restored in a new partial cyborg suit with different arms and legs, some parts open to reveal the gears on the new suit with the the same black with grey updates and new robotics because of his new limb growth has reduced the size of his costume.//

Darth Vader returns to lead the Empire for the Emperor partially regenerated, avoiding the part of the dark side his has escaped from searching for Luke who has escaped with his friends from the Rebellion Academy and abandoned the Republic.

Star Wars – The Return Of Darth Vader Part 3 – “The Dark Side Revealed”

Instructing Ben from the future in the force Luke Skywalker must re-enter his own body before the final scenes in “The Empire Strikes Back” to when he was younger to follow Darth Vader who has returned from the Dark Side.

There he must return to his body and stop his hand from being cut off, it is revealed to Luke that the true nature of the force is that Jedi can’t see in the Dark Side because they are fighting blind similar to being in a “dark closet” with their eyes closed, anyone entering the Dark Side becomes instantly deformed because they are blind upon entry when attacked by the Sith.

The Jedi can’t see in the Dark Side when they enter so they become blind victims of the Sith, Luke must re-enter his body before he sticks his hand into the Dark Side which was cut off by Darth Vader to save his hand and himself from being lost in the Dark Side forever with a re-embodied Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker Dialog:

Young Jedi Student: “Where’s R2-D2?”

Luke Skywalker – Working On Restoring His Original X-Wing Fighter: ” Oh, old R2? We stripped him down for parts years ago.”

Referring to correcting his path away from the Dark Side.

Luke and his friends find out that Han Solo has be an senior undercover Republic agent the whole time and has been re-posted to his Starship Command to find out what happened to Luke and his missing pilot friends.

Star Wars: Not The Real Boba Fett

Boba Fett finds out that he is not the real Boba Fett and was a decoy from the cloning program to lure Luke Skywalker in Jaba’s Palace where he was to be killed as a setup to capture the hero has planned his escape.

Returning from what Luke now thinks was some kind of dark side he was trapped in by listening to Ben now has his hand back. Returning to his old X-Wing he now meets the real Boba Fett who was part of an old military life extension program from a defeated empire who helped develop the original X-Wing Fighter Luke has now modified that have now been banned from the Republic.

Returning from the “dark side” Luke now believes has been given his life back and now learns his true destiny was to fight….

Luke refuses to fight after being trapped in the dark side…Luke’s dark side, now must face the real Boba Fett trying to capture him.

Rocky: Rocky Get’s His Money Back

Years after retirement, being poor and the death of his first wife Rocky takes part in an exhibition match with the current Heavy Weight Champion with the belt on the line and is mocked in the crowd by Ivan Drago who has come to bet against Rocky claiming to his friends that he’s the one that retired Rocky by giving him “the stinger” during the match with a lead weight hidden in his boxing glove during the mock bet.

In a desperate moment during the match Rocky knocks out the Champion with a dirty blow, winning the belt and the bet and getting all his money back humiliating Ivan Drago on live ESPN turning Rocky into the most hated man in sports and igniting a new feud with Ivan Drago.

“Bad Guy Rocky” becomes his new moniker around town as Rocky’s greed goes to his head with his new found fame as he forgets everyone one from the past except for Pauly and his mob friends who “think he’s doing a great job for everyone” and to keep up the good work.

Rocky retires rich with the belt forgetting his past and has recovered from the stinger, years of boxing and working out have turned the old men to steel and their feud continues into older age in their grudge match and their illegal tactics that were banned since the 1980’s.

This leads to new feud of old time boxing and a re-match as the group heads into retirement.

Three’s Company: The Movie

After Jack gets out of the Navy he needs a new place to stay for cooking school while Mr. Roper tries to beat his drunk driving charges at the Municipal Court, Larry tries to get Jack to live with Janet and Chrissy when he finds out the girls can’t cook and Jack is enrolled at cooking school.

Janet and Chrissy must help their old roommate Cindy move out and find her a new apartment while still covering this month’s rent and still have to help get Mr. Roper out of his drunk driving charges while trying to find someone to cook supper for a big guest coming to visit their apartment later this week.

Cindy let’s Jack stay in her old room with Chrissy while she’s going to be away while they try and convince Mr. Roper to go along with the plan.

Star Trek: Data

Data awakens in a lost Starfleet Space Shuttle millions of years in the future in Star Trek after being preserved in a cryogenic state in the vacuum of outer space inside the shuttle.

Awakening, he continues his journey into the future of the Star Trek Multiverse finding out that he himself is actually Dr. Soon and that he has trapped himself in an android body and is now lost in the future of Star Trek.

Robocop: Delta City

Delayed by decades the construction of Delta City begins to catch up to Old Detroit.

As OCP Corporation takes control of the police in Old Detroit crooked executives fight for control of the streets for the illegal drug supply in Old Detroit while trying to secure their position as a crime boss in Delta City.

Old Detroit becomes a safe haven for fugitives and criminals from New York and other abandoned hoods (Blackout ’77) as criminals fight their way into Delta City looking for a top crime position as the Delta City economy opens.

Unheard of in Old Detroit in the future, the remains of Robocop are found in an old garbage dump…his records long lost because of the construction of Delta City.

Criminal scientists using cloning technology bring Robocop back to life by growing his skin and brain back.

Reactivated, he continues his journey to police Old Detroit and protect the new Delta City.

Clarence Boddicker the boss of Old Detroit tries to make it big in Delta City by becoming a criminal kingpin with his own Skyscraper as Delta City begins to run New Detroit but must face his old rival Robocop.

Example Dialog:

Clarence sees Robocop for the first time reactivated:

Clarence: “What the f**k is that thing doing here?”

Gang Member: “Someone grew it’s skin back.”

Clarence: “What the f**k would they do that for!?”

Clarence must reactivate his old weapons from OCP from the time period that Robocop was created in to kill him for good on his way to the top in Delta City.

Clarence To Murphy: “No charges filed.”

Large explosion from Clarence’s gun, Murphy’s head explodes for him to become Robocop.

Years later, Robocop has been regenerated.

Clarence finds out that someone has attached Robocop to an invisible microchip in his brain and the cyborg keeps regenerating itself and coming after him.

The gang finds out that Murphy might have did it himself in case he got killed and they try to seek out the scientist responsible.

Gang Member: “Who the f**ck is this guy? Where does he keep coming from?

Superman: On Even Terms

Military scientists discover a strange grey metallic material that hurts Superman like knives stabbing him, they learn that this material is Kryptonite a strange element from another planet like the uranium core of Krypton that subdues Supermans power.

Now they must decide how to handle the situation with superman…on even terms.

Scene 1 – Superman explodes and dies over the skies of Metropolis.

Batman: “They got him! They shot Superman!”

Crowd astonished, after Superman has exploded in the opening sequence after being shot by a cooled kryptonite military shell.

A still quiet has developed in a new world without Superman, as villains secretly divide up their new territories.

Superman: “What happened, I just exploded…ahh ahhh…I must be trapped in the chemicals of the planets atmosphere.”

Superman: “ahh, ahh…I must get out of here.”

Superman now exploded and trapped in the chemicals of the planet experiences some kind of death like vision in his head as his life flashes before him…now he must put himself back together and return to the solid part of the planet.

Superman then begins the journey to reconstruct himself while trapped inside the chemicals of the Earth where he relives stories of his past and faces his inner consciousness.

Then he becomes a stronger Superman who has become more adapted to the Earth but now faces cooled Kryptonie bullets invented by Bruce Wayne who has now begun using his handgun to protect himself from Superman which ignites a war between the two as Batman and Superman’s enemies arm themselves with Bruce Waynes Krytonite bullets.

Superman (disembodied in the chemicals of the planet): “Why did I tell them it was Kryptonite?”

Superman: “If I could only go back and fix it…..ahhhhh”.


Bruce Wayne unconvinced on the final demise of Superman creates an unofficial agreement with crime figures and villains to help him create his cooled Kryponite bullets by allowing other scientists to help him in the research lab.

Bruce Wayne: “We need to find out what happened to Superman’s body, he could be back.”

Bullet Customer: “How will you hide these cooled bullets from Superman if he returns?”

Bruce Wayne: “The bullets come in a Radioactive Kryptonite Case and the gun itself is live Kryptonite inside steel, he won’t be able to detect the gun without coming in contact with the Kryptonite.

This new “alliance” ignites a war between Gotham and Metropolis in Superman’s absence as Bruce Wayne rises to new power in a world without Superman.

Superman (disembodied in the chemicals of the planet): “I can feel myself getting younger inside the planet’s chemicals.”

Superman (disembodied): “How much time has gone by? Maybe someday they will forget about my weakness when I am old….maybe I should hide when I return until they forget, then to live a normal life….ahhhhh, my head…..maybe someday”.

Superman continue to deal with the struggles of his unresolved issues of the past while rejuvinating the chemicals of the planet realizing he will always be young on Earth as other’s age.”

Superman (disembodied): “So many people have come and gone it has been so long, I have forgotten them.”

He continues to relive stories of his past trying to deal with the issues to live into the future on Earth…planning his escape from his weakness.

Superman (disembodied): “Someday they will forget and I will be young again in the future on Earth.”

The Patriot: War Of 1812

Based on “The Patriot” 2000.

After losing members of his family in 1776 a much older man now The Patriot learns that George Washington’s army is about to be defeated by England after siding with the French under Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Again leading America’s free army The Patriot must again save the United States as the old army from the American Revolution is defeated by England as 1812 approaches.

Secretly he learns from his British Inquisition that he has been running his own free country separate from George Washington’s defeated army.

He learns of the plan to place the Native Americans on reservations and must decide to try and keep his own free country inside George Washington’s United States or face a new America under British rule.

Point Break 2: Johnny’s Return

When the Ex-Presidents run out of places to run Bodie and the gang turn to Special Agent Johnny Utah for another wild adventure into bank robberies, sky diving and football.

Example Dialog:

Bodie:”Johnny, let’s go….hahahaha, I got no where to run!”

Gang Member: “Get on the plane Johnny, we got a football game to catch.”

Johnny Utah: “Woah….I gotta call in to the department!”

Bodie shaking his finger at Utah: “Not this time Johnny! Hahahhahaa”.

The Shawshank Redemption Part 2 – Return To Shawshank

When Red shows up at the the end of the first movie to meet with Andy on the beach in Mexico the pair gets arrested when Red get’s tailed by the police.

Now the pair have to escape again on the trip back or face a return to Shawshank Prison!

Example Dialog:

Andy: “Red! Wadda doing?!!!”

Red: “I dunno Andy, they musta followed me down to Mexico.”

Red: “You got this don’t ya?”

Andy: “What?”

Red: “You got this?”

Andy: “Wadda mean?”

Red: “The cops….you got that covered….the ones following me?”

Andy: “….let’s get outta here!” – Points to escape route.

Mall Rats 2: Banned From The Mall

When an old member of the troupe secretly gets rich from the Dirt Mall Jay, Silent Bob and the rest of the old cast get BANNED FROM THE MALL.

Now, banned from the Mall and a new owner of all their old comic material Jay and Silent Bob plus the rest of gang have no where to go and find out that a new Mall is coming in from someone they used to know with a new entertainment super center, video arcade, comic book mega store and movie theater.

Cut out of their earnings and no where to go Jay and Silent Bob and everyone else have been replaced in the new comics and movies with new rich actors as a new crowd takes over the mall, now the gang must figure out what to do now that they have been kicked out of their old group by an old member and BANNED from the new Mall for life.

Lord Of The Rings: The Hobbit Part Two

Bilbo Baggins holder of the Ring Of Power tormented by the evil forces of the ring uses it to find his next treasure after throwing the ring of power into the Fires Of Mordor.

Leaving the Shire he begins his next quest to find his new more powerful magic item he viewed in secret with the Ring Of Power after first discovering the ring by witnessing the Golem kill his friend to discover the ring long ago in the past.

Now, an older man tormented from viewing the rings evil forces sets out to retrieve his new more powerful item…

A more powerful magic ring to restore him to his youth in the past as a young man and start his life over leaving The Shire forever.