Blackout ’77

Original Movie Script by Jason MacKenzie

Gangs in the 1970’s move into the South Bronx in New York to take over the club scene by murdering all the club owners and stealing their apartments while they burn down the South Bronx and collect on their businesses.


Gang Members:




Zipper Head



The Rookie

In the early 1970’s gangs move into the South Bronx in New York City to kill the local business owners and take over their property to steal their business for free gang money which leads to a confrontation with the new “SWAT Team” sent in to take them down during the New York Blackout of 1977 after the local police and detectives can’t get the job done in the South Bronx.


Capricorn to local bakery owner: “Where’s the f**king food at!”

Bakery Owner: “I don’t have anything, I only have just enough for myself and my small family”.

Zipper Head: “Liar! Where’s my f**king food at, this is our neighbourhood!”

Scorpio – Outraged and shaking violently, holding machine gun: “Yeah! Gimmie the f**********king mooooonnnney!”

Capricorn: “This is my bakery now, I run the food on this block!”.

Scorpio – getting more angry: “Gimmmmie the f******king moooooonnneey!”

Capricorn takes over running the bakery on the corner of the block as an storefront for the gang, using the location as a lookout and for free food and money.

Zipper Head and Scorpio take the former bakery owner and get the bakery food supply started for the gang and the money from the owners safe away from the store holding the old bakery owner hostage seizing his family’s apartment above the store.

Up the block…

Unnamed Gang Member: “Hey, there’s that rookie cop.”

Giggler: “Hahaha, I’m gonna blow his f**king guts out.”

Unnamed Gang Member: “Let’s follow him and see if he f**ks up.”

Capricorn from the bakery: “Follow him in the car and see if he goes home.”

Giggler: “Get the car, we’ll follow this rookie and see if he f**ks up. If he leads us to his house I’m gonna kill his whole family”. – Loads his gun.

In Police Car:

Rookie: “Getting pretty dangerous out here they’re saying.”

Senior Police Official In Car With Rookie: “Yep, drive down here by the docks”.

Gang Members Following:

Giggler: “Looks like they’re some old man cop in the car….kill em.”

Later That Day:

Police Captain: “Dammit! They blew the rookie’s guts out, right on the bride at his best friends wedding.”

Cop: “They jumped right out and shot him square in the guts.”

Buzzing Noises In Police Station

Cop: “Captain we gotta go…looks like a bunch of gang members got a whole apartment building held hostage and they’re gonna kill everyone inside…looks like they got machine guns.”

Police Captain: “Now how many rookies are gonna get shot in the head?…move out!


A telemarketing scam has been busted in the South Bronx and have mixed their fake government identity cards with the real ones during a data breach, once busted the swat team has to sort the files out to find the guilty criminals in the scam.

The gang moves in on the telemarketing scam to shoot up their office for new real estate in the South Bronx before the swat team clears the area.

The gang gets access to several telemarketing scam offices and kill the scammers before the swat team gets there and hides all their stuff assuming the old offices positions for a new “regular” business they have made out of the old files they recovered.

Continuing with their gang the members set up their new operation with their new property they gained while evading the police swat team, other gangs they have setup go down for the fall in the telemarketing scam in the South Bronx.

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