Opinion: RPG Games In 2024 Back At The House Rules Table

Opinion, lack of updates in RPG (Role Playing Games) Dungeons & Dragons SRD5.1 Based Specific or Third Party Games put the game back in players hands at home in 2024 with house rules versions.

I mean, you go to the bookstore and Dungeons & Dragons is sold out after the huge Fifth Edition Release.

Promised a new bookstore version in 2024 fans will be disappointed that it’s nearly Summer and no new game released.

Massive hype but no draw from Hasbro, stalling at the starting line after a huge marketing campaign up to 2023 promising “One D&D” and new core rule books, now branded “Dungeons & Dragons 2024.”

Well, I don’t know what I’m reading.

No new Dungeons & Dragons for Summer 2024, lame.

After all those huge changes to the Hasbro version promising new character versions to be released with new manual while Fifth Edition is already over and is now SRD5.1 open source game.

On Archive.org Dungeons & Dragons is now listed under “Community Texts” with the Open Source “Community Audio” also on the page.

There are many .pdf’s for free download on the page along with CD-ROM versions and CD-ROM pc video game archives.

The new Hasbro version is supposed to DROP all those old tags while fans will only be at the kitchen table this Summer 2024 with their own house rules version.

A huge disappointment from “Hasbro Toy Company” this Summer as fans wait to see how the new game will be playable with the announced new rules format, doesn’t look compatible with Fifth Edition to me but I’ll have to wait and see.

Expect Hasbro Corporation to take a huge financial loss this Summer as fans cleared the racks of all Fifth Edition books at least THREE times at the ends of that release in the past Christmas Seasons in my city.

Fans hungry with full wallets to clean out the new Hasbro Book Store Dungeons & Dragons versions again this Summer with nothing to buy.

Just pathetic.

I mean you talk about could have sold ten million books this Summer but no Spring Release, guess I’ll be camping out at the lake with my new house rules games which won’t cost me anything.

Thanks for the cost savings this Summer Hasbro, looks like I’ll be blowing my money on a different lame companies products for this Summer 2024.

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