Commentary: Gaps In Promotions Lead To Lack Of Book Browsing

In comics now that many titles are public domain including Dungeons & Dragons maybe is also listed on the page.

Lack of format, you put your catalogs and books there then NO PROMOTIONS and you have to make your own page as an artist.


Maybe I’m not supposed to be on there looking at all that after all, I mean maybe my NEW pages built from my new University background, is a bunch of garbage to that.

Then the page is all voluntary tags on public domain…yawn.

Why would someone invest in a page like when you have to make your own page later as an artist.

Like using it to link to pages like I make then imagine you get on some archive page and there’s a bunch of your old stuff on it.


Don’t worry I’ll get those links put up on my own page for my own band some day, that might be listed on the site.

Remember these links:

Spider-Man cartoons now listed as public domain…

These are my url’s…

Remember on NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN like…

Peter Parker amnesia in 1970’s when Mary Jane was Firestar.

Wolverine healed organic steel skeleton with restored memory and science lab.

Cyclops can now open and close his eyes normal now and doesn’t need a mask anymore because of an accident with with space helmet in the 1980’s The Uncanny X-Men cartoon pilot.

Now why play Dungeons & Dragons when a new book is supposed to be released making the book store pointless…then all those over printed third party 5E books now garbage, also Dungeons & Dragons is on OPEN SOURCE under the title “Wizards Of The Coast”.

So you go to get Hasbro SRD5.1 and then use that version and YOURS is the same as Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

That’s what I mean, the name Wizards Of The Coast is public domain on because you can tag it on you SRD5.1 books.

No one’s gonna play Dungeons & Dragons now during all that until a new full set is out.

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