Original Daredevil – Public Domain Characters

I’ve been talking on here recently a bit about public domain comic book characters, this is an interest from people and comic book companies to re-run these old characters but they never seem to do much, DC comics runs them occasionally as reworks to make them new characters but I haven’t seen much success.

There are no big movies coming out or anything from them.

I’ve seen people attempt some of these characters as making action figures but they don’t really go anywhere.

I said I would try running some on this page, so I’m just going to start by running through the material and then seeing what some of the public domain characters look like cut up as clips for this blog as comic strips or just cut up old comics for blog material.

So I’m doing Magno who is the “Superman” of other golden age comic titles to see what that is, Marvel ran “Magneto” however Magno is a public domain charater that anyone can use.

I am also going to use the original Ghostrider and Daredevil that are also public domain.

Original Ghost Rider – Public Domain Characters Marvel Version

Official Public Domain Ghostrider

Daredevil on the other hand was a massive selling comic book that the company touted some of these issues sold 6 million copies a month and was as big as Superman and Batman.

That was during the first days of comic books when everyone printed them, the point here is that these old comics are like hockey cards, the paper sells better with nothing printed on it because no one wants to buy this stuff anymore so they just sell plain paper.

You can see that Marvel Comics ran Daredevil after it went into the public domain because the old version used to rival Superman, Marvel’s never had that much success.

Original Daredevil – Public Domain, Note The Larger More Commercial Mainstream Daredevil Logo Than The Marvel Version

This material is also really old and some other Marvel Characters like original Captain America with the different shield and the Human Torch from Timely comics might actually be in the same position.

After the closure of Timely Comics where Stan Lee used to work, the original characters were dropped along with the Original Daredevil etc. back then it was called “Marvel Comics” as the series title starring Captain America and the Human Torch, the confusion is that Stan Lee adopted this name as Marvel for his company and kept those two characters but in reality they may be public domain, as with all titles on Timely Comics.

Just keep that in mind, Marvel continued but the characters were from an old company so the original versions may have no copyright.

You can see that similarities in the two series that the original Daredevil had two costumes and so did Marvels.

When you pick Darevevil to run as public domain you get two costumes…a black and white one and a red and black one, plus he has a boomerang and extra smack talk they are claiming.

Original Daredevil Public Domain – Black and White Costume
Original Daredevil Public Domain – Red and Black Costume

Here you can see the Marvel transition of the public domain character.

Marvel Daredevil Version One

Here you can see where Marvel transitioned the character with two costumes to match the original, first they gave him a full yellow suit with a black and red vest for the first version.

Marvel Daredevil Version Two

Then they transition him to the current version as illustrated on the above Marvel Red Daredevil costume.

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