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The Uncanny X-Men: The War Of The Mutants

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Update: Marvel doesn’t sell “The Uncanny X-Men” anymore so we bought the url for this fan script / setting as a fan / tribute page for “The Uncanny X-Men” time period in the Fan Multiverse Setting 01 my setting on this page Fan Fiction 1 Universe that I made for this page.

Updated June 6, 2023.

Wolverine’s healing factor has now turned his adamantum steel skeleton into organic steel and fused with his bones and has recovered his memory.

While visiting the White House on television Wolverine cuts the head of the President and starts a war with the humans lasting ten years in the mutant universe script series.

Set in 1983 “The Uncanny X-Men: War Of The Mutants” Fan Script Setting deals with the conclusion of the 1970’s “The Uncanny X-Men: Phoenix Saga” (See script review on previous blog post) and continues on the “The Uncanny X-Men: Fall Of The Mutants” Mini Series based on the 1975 launch of “The Uncanny X-Men: Giant Size X-Men #1” after the demise of the Original X-Men.

The Uncanny X-Men: Phoenix Saga Review (1970’s):


A recovered Wolverine must now lead the “The Uncanny X-Men” from the early 1980s’ back into a new adventure into the past in the ashes of the Phoenix Saga as he retraces the time he spent with no memory with Jean Grey and Professor X from the Original X-Men before her destruction in “The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga”.

Now Wolverine and “The Uncanny X-Men” must face a new world in “The War Of The Mutants” caused by the death of Jean Grey who has been incinerated leading Wolverine to start a war between the mutants and the humans in “The Uncanny X-Men: War Of The Mutants” Fan Script.

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

Fan Script Page:

Firestar has been revealed as Mary Jane Watson, after the demise of the Original X-Men Marvel Girl kills Sunfire to become the Phoenix and follows Ice Man to New York to go to University with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

Marvel Girl plans to kill Mary Jane Watson as Firestar and absorb her power into herself after killing her partner Sunfire.

An isolated Peter Parker disguised as Spider-Man while studying psychology at University realizes that his memory of Ben dying was just a nightmare he had while dealing with the stress of becoming Spider-Man, with help from his professors he remembers Ben died at home years ago when Aunt May was slightly younger before he moved in with his Aunt May full time.

A frequent visitor of Ben and May as a child his guilt from becoming Spider-Man led to his false belief that he caused Ben’s death, when he first became Spider-Man because he couldn’t save Ben because he died before Peter became Spider-Man.

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Space Command – Under Construction


Comic Book Scripts by Jason MacKenzie Based On Public Domain Versions

(Note: Some may of these may be fan script titles, Golden / Silver Age Versions)



Amazing Man

The Arrow

Bullet Girl

Bullet Man

Daredevil – Based On Original Daredevil masked character who carried a boomerang weapon.

Black Cat

Captain Battle – World War Two Era Character released with The Black Terror, Captain America and The Red Skull.

Ghost Rider – Based On Original Ghost Rider, Old West horse riding character.

The Black Terror – The Terror Of Earths Darkest Forces – World War Two Era Character, released with Captain Battle original Superman and Batman etc., Captain America and The Red Skull.

Lady Luck

Phantom Lady

Magno & Davy – World War Two Era Character released with Captain Marvel, Batman, Superman etc.

Captain Marvel (Original – Old Characters Return As Captain Marvel Battles Superman After He Is Released From The Chemicals Of The Planet based on my fan script – Superman: On Even Terms)

Superman (Original Based On 1940’s Public Domain Version – Shortened Script With Superman Only Based On My Fan Script Superman: On Even Terms)