New: Marvel RPG Core Rule Book 2023

Out now 2023 Marvel Role Playing Game Core Rule Book

NOTE: Chapters Book Store in Halifax now Indigo Superstore (?) they have new paint and no Starbucks now at the old Chapters Bookstore Mic Mac Mall location.

This Marvel Comics Role Playing Game was just released in 2023, watch out for backdated (?) bootlegs and online .pdf files trying to trick readers into thinking this is an old book!

I get really sick of when RPG games come out people release back dated fake RPG books claiming to be titles from this just released set to trick shoppers into buying bootlegs.

So far, I have only seen the Core Rule Book for this set priced at $75 CAD.

This game plays like Dungeons & Dragons on SRD5.1 but you’ll have to make up your own adventures, I suggest using the comic stories and try to play the game along with that.

One of my favorite parts of this RPG Core Rule book, that can also be used as a reference guide for comic character backgrounds, is the short hand character descriptions in the biography section for quick access to Official Marvel Character Backgrounds!

Play as Peter Parker Spider-Man, and other Multiverse Characters including Spider-Man 2099 (Miles Morales) and alternate Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara who have copied Peter Parker from alternate dimensions and timelines and become Spider-Man clones by being bitten by radioactive spiders like Peter Parker or have fused their DNA with spiders to become copies of Peter Parker Spider-Man.



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