D20 RPG – How To Play As Monsters In “Dungeons & Dragons”

Let’s look at Fairy for example, they say in the book that is a human character with +2 on one ability score and +1 on the other.

Then…they get a spell book or something and new weapon.

These “cantrips” or “feats” they call them are like “rune cards” in the new game, they are game character features.

Then the Fairy gets the “Druid” spell book for his “cantrips”…some kind of easy spell or something and then maybe a new rune card someday.

Yeah…..but, in UNDER ability score 18 game play.

This method is based on character creation for regular dice rolling ability scores, under 18.

I mean this method you go from a 15 character to a 16 character on three boxes…but NO 19 ability score.

Unless, you use the new books like “Wizard: Runecrafter” and “Barbarian: The Path Of The Giant”.

Then they get new “giant feats” from “Unearthed Arcana” along with new rune cards for enhanced wizard spell casting…at over ability score 18, for the giant level games they are saying.

Use my game Dragon Adventures to play as an actual fairy character in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, with full character sheet.

Throwing out the ability scores we just write in the new numbers and set the Fairy strength to all 19, D20 rules then say add this as a + on several boxes on the character sheet.

Skip all that, and make your own real Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character with Dragon Adventures RPG Beta Campaign Setting.

These spells and tables are not defined yet in D20 RPG gaming so make up your own values to test for your house rules or own RPG game.

Look in any monster guide on D20 and find a fairy character for your reference from the “Monster Manual”, then write that in on your Dragon Adventures character sheet with all 19’s for ability scores.

That’s where Advanced Dungeons & Dragons falls short, it’s difficult to make the jump to “Unearthed Arcana” at the point.

In Dragon Adventures now add your new Ability Score Modifiers for Strength and Intelligence for the actual “Fairy Character” in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons format.

This will allow you to make a REAL Advanced Dungeons & Dragons monster character that can play on OFFICIAL DUNGEONS & DRAGONS RPG GAME SYSTEMS.

The new Fairy character is compatible with all official game modules.

In Dragon Adventures this takes place at lower levels of the game in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to allow new monsters to play as characters and use new weapon combinations and spell modifiers that can get them into higher levels of the game in “Unearthed Arcana”.

These tables are not defined yet on D20 or RPG Gaming, what the actual values will be for official game play…but that is the new work in book writing in RPG Gaming.

Setting the rules and numbers for the new spells and tables.

Like the new higher level spell books for “Runecasting” and “Path Of The Barbarian.”

Fairy characters will have for example their OWN spell level book, spell list and weapons & equipment guide for the game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and can play in Official Adventures with the other characters by using Dragon Adventures Campaign Setting Module.

Expanding this character list is what is huge right now on RPG gaming along with setting all the new ability score adjustment tables to make the new “playable characters” from 5E Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons characters like in Dragon Adventures D20 RPG Beta.

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