New Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set Out Soon


The new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is out at Target July 31 and everywhere else October 4, ouch long waits on the new Dungeons & Dragons general release just like Monsters Of The Multiverse.

I read on the internet what’s the point of a new starter set and why is it so expensive?

On the release page it says contains “Essential Rules” so I expect the box contains the “essential rules set”

from the 5E box set released after the original 5E Starter Set, then there is also a smaller free rules set.

Knowing the release history of Dungeons & Dragons what you might be getting is a smaller rule set from the 5E Players Handbook, which you don’t need to play this game, with only some features from the “Essentials” style box set.

I can only predict that is because you need the essential rules set with several more advanced options to play on the Monsters Of The Multiverse rules expansion.

Then the additional rules in the book are for playing as monsters in the game, making it a more expensive set and also includes an adventure module.

When I look at the box cover you don’t know if they are playing as monsters on the cover or fighting them.

I mean if the Dragon was the playable monster maybe he flew the characters to Stormwreck Isle.

In that scenario in the new rules set I would penalize the dragon character -7 on attack for carrying his team mates during combat.

I would expect in this box set Essential Rules for playing as Monsters in the multiverse format, which would be an update box set to the Players Handbook on the way to the 6E release.

If this box is compatable with the upcoming 6E I would consider this a 6E Essential Rules box set as an advance rule set from the 6E Players Handbook.

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