RPG – D20 – Ability Score Modifiers In New Combat Systems

Here’s how my game “Dragon Adventures” uses new 19 – 25 ability scores.

On your character sheet add a second ability score column for scores 19 – 25.

On Score “18” you get two bonuses for strength, attack and damage, in the example.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Strength Ability Score Modifier Table Up To Score 18

That is added to your entire characters “character sheet”, for your bonuses across the weapons sheet.

In Dragon Adventures to play “Unearthed Arcana” in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, add the second column and then write in the new ability scores, then add your “+18 boxes” to the “+19 – 25 boxes” then calculate you new strength 19 adjustments by adding these bonuses to your first set of bonuses.

Like this:

Ability Score Box 1 “Up To Score 18” PLUS Ability Score Box 2 “Score 19 – 25 Bonuses”.

That gives you a combined ability score of the under 18 ability score game to the 19 – 25 ability score game.

In a previous post I gave you examples of how to practice calculate your own ability score bonuses to your weapons and equipment tables.

You can add these here on the new ability score bonuses “calculator” to play at over 18 in “Unearthed Arcana”.

Like in my example:

On your character sheet your “TO HIT” is now +9 and your “DAMAGE” is now +14 for Strength 19 in “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Unearthed Arcana”.

Now you need to update ALL YOUR CHARACTERS weapons and damage roll modifiers to the new score on your current character sheet.

In a previous post I showed you the ROLLING CALCUATOR for over 18 ability scores, that is a seperate example.

That would be represented as your TO HIT ROLL NEEDED here as: 2d10 + 1 – 33 on your d100 for EASY SETTING + 9

That’s to hit a character in Dragon Adventures in “Unearthed Arcana” in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game Play.

That’s for scenarios like “giant combat”.

In regular game play in Dragon Adventures in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Official Adventure Modules you can use regular rules WITH a 19 ability score like this.

TO HIT ROLL NEEDED = 2d10 + 9 for non “Unearthed Arcana” Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game Play for higher level Adventure Modules.

Use my values or make up your own.

In Dungeons & Dragons 5E new rules in “Monsters Of The Multiverse” add +1 to three ability score modifiers and then add to your “weapon of choice” such as your “new weapon” that comes with your monster character.

Add those bonuses to your character on that section, such as its “claws” or “breath weapon”.

“Monsters Of The Multiverse” Dungeons & Dragons Rules Expansion

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