Dungeons & Dragons: Xanathar – Character Confusion At “Game Tables” At Home Games

Xanathar is the Beholder on the cover of Xanathar’s Guide To Everything behind the fish bowl…

People playing at home and game store RPG game participants tell me they don’t know the character’s in the game.

Xanathar, the Beholder, gives you advice about your character’s skills and backgrounds etc. for upgrading your player.

After you pick your character race and class you can then add new information to the character sheet for extra bonuses for using Character Origins, Xanathar the character in the books gives you his personal advice on the topics.

To me, this is probably one of the main characters in Dungeons & Dragons.

For example, you can use the backgrounds for storytelling in the game for “role playing” in a “theatrical version” then in scenarios in the game where your fictional backgrounds match the game backgrounds you might be able to get a “storytelling bonus” or “reward” if they use that in the game or you can add the backgrounds as specific character sheet skills such as extra proficiency bonus for specific skill backgrounds.

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