Dungeons & Dragons: New Rule Books On Stormwreck Isle

I’m just playing ahead on Stormwreck Isle and Hasbro has announce new rules in addition to the new Starter Set, such as 1 is changing to automatic fail and 20 automatic “win” or hit.

The D20 Roll is the new rule for outcome resolution, roll d20 then in the expanded rules based on the new Starter Set for version 6E they are saying then 20 is automatic hit and 1 is automatic fail.

Use Ability Check on ability score by “difficulty class” or DC…for example during game play use a special ability from character sheet to test something in the game play.

If your character has the skill the Dungeon Master must set the Difficulty Class (DC) at easy, medium or hard for your roll to determine if your skill meets the function for that level of game play.

Roll d20 add bonuses + proficiency and then you must beat the DC score to win the ability check.

In coming books the new D20 Rule means the above plus 20 is automatic win or 1 is automatic loss on the ability check.

// Note, when reading this section and viewing the new character sheet a suggested “death save” , rule from myself, should be placed automatically on the character sheet with a 1 – 3 chances for “death save slot” to limit the characters turns on death save rule.

That is how I would set it up, then “critical hit” you would have three chances for successful death save on the slots…based on new game setup parameters, then you could also add AFTER death save slot, resurrection survival for another chance //

Jumping into the plot of Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle – Runara, the character in the story of two ancient battling dragon tribes, a good character on the Island shows us in the adventure how the new rules play out on the example character for continuing version on the new rules and announcements from Dungeons & Dragons in the rules expansion.

In the previous post I showed you how to create a Centaur to play on Stormwreck Isle.

For example, the Centaur moving at 30 feet let’s say to a character at 10 feet can run three squares ahead and shoot the bow, then attack with sword and then attack with hoof if given three turns and the run back 30 feet from the target….assuming the bow can shoot the distance to the target.

In this adventure Zombies from the shipwreck travel at 20 feet…adding the Centaur he can run ahead and shoot them at three squares per turn before the zombies catch up to the players at 20 feet per turn with a non thrown club weapon.

The Centaur clearly has the advantage at 30 feet per turn plus bow.

The Wizard in the example character sheets, remember cantrips are free spells in addition to spell slots, in their skills have +5 Arcana on Intelligence and reading the character sheet you see the skill set is Arcane Recovery.

Now figure this into the news expansion.

First look up the Wizard in 5E Players Handbook I read is as the Wizard has chosen the “School Of Abjuration” based on their spell selection.

A wizard picking a school of magic gets to pick spells from that school of magic spell book in this case Arcane Recovery.

An example of an Ability Check I would call based on the adventure is use the Wizard to test if Runara is in the same school of magic…

Reading the material the Dungeon Master could easily answer this because the “Inn” on Shipwreck Isle friendly and open to visitors and Runara is a “helping character” the same spell selection as the Wizard so I would assume they are in the same magic school.

It might not tell you in the book but the Dungeon Master might know this from studying the adventure module material about the story line.

Expanding the rules of the Starter Set into “Tasha’s Cauldron OF Everything” and “Xanathar’s Guide To Everything” which are Players Handbook and Dungeon Master’s guide expansions you see that the Wizard Character giving with the Starter Set can be expanded with these two books.

First…in the Starter Set it writes down the spell…then you must check the Players Handbook to see the Wizard School of the Character, the next two books “Tasha & Xanathar” offer ADDITIONAL Wizard School selections that could be chosen and written onto this sheet from those book if the player wanted to expanded the material from the Starter Set into “Tasha’s Cauldron OF Everything” and “Xanathar’s Guide To Everything”.

The Players Handbook Includes:

School Of Abjuration

School Of Conjuration

School Of Divintion

School Of Exchantment

School Of Evocation

School Of Illusion

School Of Necromancy

School Of Transmutation

Then check the Additional Spells and Features are located in Tasha’s Cauldron OF Everything and Xanathar’s Guide To Everything that you can list on your character sheet for extra skills you can include for your character in Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle.

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