Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Spell Level Vs. Character Level

Here is one of the most common question in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and probably one of the hardest game concepts to understand is Character Level vs. Spell Level.

Meaning, how many spells do I get at each level in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?

Using the basic Magic-User as an example.

Magic User Spell Level Chart – Page 26 of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook.

This chart contains TWO COLUMNS one for Character Level on the left listed as “Magic-User Level” and one column on the top called “Magic-User Spell Level”.


Spell Level only goes Level 9.

Character Level goes to Level 29 on this table.

Like this a Level 29 Magic-User has a Spell level of 9.

Then read across the bottom, they get 7 spells from each spell level 1 – 4, and the 6 spells from spell level 6 – 9 for a total of 58 Spells.

So the maximum spell level is 9.

Here I highlighted in blue Character Level and highlighted in green Spell Level.

So Character Level 15 has a Spell Level of 7 for Magic-Users.

So at Level 15 in Blue they have one Spell Level 7 Magic Spell.

At Character Level 15 they have 5 spells from each Spell Level from Spell Levels 1 – 5, two spells from Spell Level 6 and one spell from Spell Level 7 for a total of 28 spells.

So at Character Level 15 read across the chart like I highlighted in blue for the spell list for Character Level 15, that represents Spell Level 7.


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