Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master Tips

When a player has skills on their character sheet such as detect traps, find secret doors etc.

The players have to keep asking the Dungeon Master what the rules of the game are while they are playing and can’t keep track of all that.

After you make your character sheet write down your special skills get the Dungeon Master to automatically check them off the map that you have solved them, any secret doors or traps etc.

Just having them listed on your character sheet is enough to solve the puzzle in the dungeon.

Remember that when you play the modules because people keep getting stuck on puzzles like “detect traps” and “detect secret doors” when the Dungeon Master has to keep checking the rules all the time.

To speed the game up use the actual rules, get the Dungeon Master to check your character sheet when you start the game and then when you are playing get them to automatically reveal these obstacles in the game.

For example…the players has to use rules “roll for initiative” or “ability check” for a combat or game scenario.

Do this back to the Dungeon Master by giving him a “basic skills check” of your character when they start the game.

Then any “auto features” of the character like “detect traps” skills have the Dungeon Master automatically solve them when you start the adventure to save time in the game.

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