Dungeons & Dragons: Elemental Combat In Astral Realm

Water Elemental Myrmidon

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For Dragon Adventures (or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), when you enter the Astral Realm and face elementals the combat format is the elementals in the Astral Realm react to the players adventure in the realm.

Elementals represent the “forces of nature” in Dragon Adventures, entering the Astral Ream the elementals will combat each other and the players as a result of tampering with these forces.

Although Astral Travel can bring large rewards in the game, it also awakens these forces and players may become “trapped” in the Astral Realm by elementals which try to block the path of their short cut through the forces of nature for long durations during these extra game adventures.

Remember, random encounters during regular game play when used Astral Travel rules can lead players off path in the adventure and they become trapped Astral Game Play battling the elementals and other Astral Creatures.

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