OPINION: Modern RPG Reminiscent Of Early 1970’s Gaming

Reading the history of RPG Gaming back in the early 1970’s “game clubs” local game players in places like Lake Geneva competed to create a common rule set…the winner was Dungeons & Dragons by TSR.

Chainmail, being the original table top game of what was to become TSR Dungeons & Dragons.

The “original pamphlets” are easily available today in digital format are the early days of RPG gaming.

Today the pamphlet is The D20 Gaming System owned by Hasbro.

RGP “Role Playing Game Scenario” games today now all use an “open source” game model based on the original Dungeons & Dragons paper pamphlet game from the early 1970’s.

Hasbro is owning the market at the book store, but D20 is making the rules in the books.

Where is all this going?

The game today…?

Roll for initiative, death save roll, resurrection scenario, proficiency bonus…..it’s NOT all the same, and takes place in different books.

I mean newer D20 Models use “built in game functions” like “death save” while classic games build those features into the ability score table…allowing for Death Save anyway, under the Resurrection Survival ability score adjustments.

Not that the new games short cut, it’s just a different route through the game.

I mean features like death save just take to long and get in the way of the game.

In classic systems like Dragon Adventures D20 RPG Beta, my game, is based on the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules….the ones released AFTER the original pamphlet days, in an expanded rule set.

Resurrection Survival ability score adjustment, allows for “Monsters Of The Multiverse” play compatibility right now on our D20 Beta Game at www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com/dragonadventures because it includes player resurrection survival adjustment which means a failed resurrection could result in the player becoming a monster.

Get the list of monsters a player can turn into from the Hasbro D20 Game Book “Dungeons & Dragons: Monsters Of The Mutliverse”.

To convert that character on the 5E model +2 and -1 on a couple of boxes.

In Dragon Adventures we added a cross game system update with new strength and intelligence ability score adjustments to convert the monster in the game book to an official Dragon Adventures Playable D20 RPG Game Character Sheet.

Then you can play your adventures from “Monsters Of The Multiverse” in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by using the Dragon Adventures Game Setting Module right now by using the new ability score adjustment test model to play “Monsters Of The Multiverse” in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons “Unearthed Arcana”.

At higher levels of the game players can now receive an expanded spell level book and magic item book list to make the leap to the higher levels of “Unearthed Arcana” by using new Strength and Intelligence Ability Score Adjustments to play Dragon Adventures on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Still in development, read more about the new ability score adjustment system at the Dragon Adventures page www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com/dragonadventures .

Using new strength and intelligence ability score adjustments in Dragon Adventures for example will give Magic-Users an expanded intelligence ability score reward that will give them higher level magic casting at lower levels to allow them to play in the higher realm at lower levels.

Not to be confused with Level Advancement rewards which are still present on character level advancements.

The same with fighters, like in “The Quest For The Golden Arrows”, will now have new skills at an earlier level in the game by using new strength ability score bonuses and intelligence ability score bonuses to use higher power magic items at a lower level under certain game scenarios.

Game feature updates include new spell adjustment tables to combine or modify spells to create new formulas.

A large update to the game, this will allow players to mix spells together with potions and magic items to create new spell results.

Spell list, casting format, elemental and astral rules and spell combination list variables still to be determined for the magic ability score modifier format.

This will allow in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons more options for all player classes to play into higher levels of the game as well as “Unearthed Arcana”.

A game update like this will also allow for a game expansion at the higher levels of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by moving some of the content to the lower levels by using the new ability score adjustments.

Higher levels in the game can now include new expanded weapons and magic item tables including material from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition which can now be written as a higher level update into Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in Dragon Adventures.

This means that the higher levels and game campaign books from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition can now run as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons directly on the system using the Dragon Adventures Campaign Setting Update.

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