Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards Of The Coast Buys DnD Beyond Cancels Book Set

LINK: https://bleedingcool.com/games/dd-beyond-to-retire-two-5th-edition-books-this-month/

Not much to update in the last couple months, everyone must be back to their reopening schedule after Covid-19.

Hasbro who owns Dungeons & Dragons has bought DnD Beyond book publisher and has cancelled books as they approach the 6E release and replaced it with “Monsters Of The Multiverse”

I believe “Volo’s Guide To Everything” and other titles are now out of print and will be off sale soon.

Hasbro has now announced the 6E release, the purchase of third party publisher DnD Beyond which is Official Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons now.

Now we get the fan “blow back”…..”Monsters Of The Multiverse” contains content from previous books so you get a bunch of old lose books from DnD Beyond that have gone out of print and the replacement book is “Monsters Of The Multiverse” out next month, here in Halifax the gift set has been sold out since it’s release and I think I only saw the stack of gift sets once before they sold out, the same with the regular rules gift set.

This has happened in the past in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when they were shutting that down you get some bad written books, but the main functions are there like in “Unearthed Arcana” that can still be played if you understand Dungeons & Dragons to create game modules the game does work…if you have the right Dungeon Master.

Now we have the same with the wrap up of 5E with 6E on the way out and Hasbro is also releasing new movies and television series based on the game Dungeons & Dragons and also now owns Entertainment One.

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