Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon Adventures SRD5.1 Playtest, Can The Dwarf Make It To The High Levels?

Dragon Adventures: SRD5.1 & Also D20 RPG Beta Game – Runs SRD5.1 On Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1978 Patch


Reminder, the printed release version of Dragon Adventures Campaign Setting will be released on SRD5.1 , for Beta RPG Testing this free game uses D20 AND just recently released SRD5.1 RPG Game Engine (AKA, Dungeons & Dragons 5E Creative Commons Version) and runs other RPG Systems on SRD5.1 and D20.

For example, the beta version of Dragon Adventures runs Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rule books for it’s game engine, but on the page you can also switch to Dungeons & Dragons 5E for the new “Unearthed Arcana Playtest” with the new Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide out next year in 2024.

A big year yes for the UK…as “Lord Of The Rings” and “The Hobbit” become Public Domain as well as many other classic titles and videos, enter the Creative Commons world of Dungeons & Dragons.

That’s right, Halflings can now be Hobbits….

Reminder,….”Uncanny X-Men Fan Script” I am writing I have bought the link for the unofficial fan script page, hopefully it’s abandoned with all the scams recently shutting down out there.

Selling points of my fan script….

Like Collosus in the Official Script, Wolverine now has organic steel admantium and his real memory grown back!

Cyclops, has now recovered his retina control in his eyes that were fused open and can turn the beam on and off decades after the accident in outer space with his helmet from the scrapped Uncanny X-Men 1980’s TV pilot.

That’s character development I mean, you could say that these characters powers could go that way some day in the comic…that’s what I picked for my unofficial fan script.

True powers that could be real some day in a real MARVEL Comics book.

The point of DRAGON ADVENTURES RPG Beta is “character development”, to bring the classic “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” characters out of the Dwarf cave and into the 20th+ Level.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Playtest:

DWARF – Limitations

Male Strength 18, Female Strength 17.

Dexterity: Max 17

Constitution: Max 19

Charisma: Max 16

In this early version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Players Handbook Version 1978 – the Dwarf is still stuck in the cave and can’t get out to higher human levels, he has low Charisma and low Dexterity.

Traits and skills from the lower realms in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons not presentable for the human world in the “Knights Of The Round Table Setting” like “Greyhawk” or my game setting Dragon Adventures RPG Beta Campaign Setting.

Now let’s make the leap for the Dwarf…

He has a high Constitution or drive to succeed.

Now add my Dragon Adventures SRD5.1 Patch…

Write in all max numbers on your character sheet and then all 25 under Ability Score Column 2.

You can jump to the current version of Dungeons & Dragons and use “Character Origins” to add new “human like” skills to your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dwarf Character.

NOTE: The “Dragon Adventures Character Sheet” is still undeveloped, using an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet, add to the sheet “Ability Score Column 2 and “Character Origins” Section.

Adding “Character Origins” in Dragon Adventures will open a new section of bonuses on the character sheet with a new set of +/- adjustments for players.

RACE: Dwarf


Column 1 – Column 2 – Character Origins – Bonus

STR: 18 – 25 – Miner – +7 Picks and Mining Equipment, Axe Weapons

INT: 18 – 25 – Librarian – +7 Reading In Low Light

WIS: 18 – 25 – Tribe Elder – +7 Patience when large groups present

DEX: 17 – 25 – Works With Large Tools – +7 Blunt Weapons

CON: 19 – 25 – Long Life Span – +8 Stonecutting and Jewelry Setting

CHA: 16 – 25 – Farming / Plant & Herb Maintenance – +5 Looks for Farming and Gardening

Now Add Weapons for Ability Score Column 2: Dragon Adventures “Unearthed Arcana Settings”

The Second Weapon Book for Dwarf Combat and Armor will bridge the gap between the mines of the old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Settings and the new SRD5.1 Settings in DRAGON ADVENTURES!


Weapon & Equipment Book 2: Dragon Adventures is still not yet defined!

Lets say it contains items for the Dwarf to expand his strength and skills BEYOND his new Character Origins bonuses with Weapon, Armor and Equipment items like Gold Armor, Diamond Engraved Magical Sword, new potions from the Dwarf realm developed with these new higher intelligence and wisdom scores.

Easily, jumping into a +7 bonus setting in test numbers when combining these two settings.

The Dwarf would could not play higher human levels before now has new Character Origins in common with Humans and human like skill sets for new bonuses, PLUS new weapon bonuses and character setting easily puts him in the human realm with this new +11 – +14 Weapon and Equipment Bonus.

The lower numbers representing in test setting the penalty from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Bonuses of low Charisma or Dexterity.

Perhaps even a bonus of +15 in Constitution for the Dwarf in test numbers based on his original high score of 19 in the original game.

Still undeveloped in Dragon Adventures is Combat & Character Sheet.

Use my guide and the Dragon Adventures RPG Beta on these test settings and use the Combat System and Character Sheet from your own game.

Then keep track of Dragon Adventures Settings by adding new Character Origins and Bonus Scores to your Character Sheet and Also add Ability Score Column 2 and create new weapon and equipment bonuses for your own game on Dragon Adventures test settings.

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