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Welcome to Fan Fiction Universe One Update…

Just some quick updates on fan scripts, read along on this page.

First, why no Original X-Men movie?

I mean you never even got to see it on the big screen in it’s proper context, see previous post, with the look of the Star Trek relaunch. I mean give it a chance people, it’s a way less complicated movie to make and could be made as a throw back X-Men movie to the newer ones with Hugh Jackman, to go along with the Star Trek relaunch.

I’m pushing for it anyway.

Back to our fan scripts, ours is based on Wolverine #1 which is a couple thousand dollar value:

This was the best Wolverine series back in the late 1980’s with the Grey Hulk, my favorite series of books, and the first Wolverine Comic Book.

Many people get confused at this series:

This Wolverine is a four part mini-series and the first solo Wolverine Comic Book from the early 1980’s I think after the X-Men Phoenix Saga during the 1980’s launch of The Uncanny X-Men.

Our fan script is based on the Wolverine #1 later 1980’s series after the Fall Of The Mutants mini series.

So I’m just blogging about this as we’re writing it, for material for this page and also launching our own series Space Command .

The Fall Of The Mutants was also a cross over series with some other comics I think going from memory here like The New Mutants, which I am also a fan of.

Now I’m not on a promotion here so I can say what ever I want because this is an open discussion comic store type blog.

I see many of your videos on Youtube and I have the answer to some of your questions because I work in the industry but I’m not under contract.

So I have opinion answers and industry based answers to what I believe is happening with your comic book issues.

Like at Retro Blasting comic and toy review, they have some good questions on there.

First some of what you are talking about like the Hellfire Club was in the X-Men in The Phoenix Saga like The White Queen who I am a fan of but not the Hellfire Club, I just don’t relate to it’s context in the series…it’s too slow for me and just looks out of place and one of the dragging on sections.

Not only that you are absolutely correct at Retro Blasting although you may be missing some information because this is too much material to process so that’s not a big deal…I mostly go from memory and research as I’m going if I need to.

There are two problems with the action figures and productions you are talking about that general readers will not understand or may be too young to have heard of.

Like in most industry many of these action figures you are complaining about are probably bootlegs, when they are repainted, assembled out of old spare parts and manufactured with the wrong card backs they are probably bootlegs.

The other issue you are complaining about is production time.

You have to realize that Comic Book companies can’t print comics, make action figures and produce video games all at the same time and have to use outside sources.

Many times when they pick the action figures or video games to produce in the series it takes so long, meaning years, to develop the toys and games that the story lines have gone out of date.

This leaves the game in their own continuum, not connected to the series by the time they start planning the cartoons, toys and video game to the actual production, which is mixed with bootlegs, you get a large “mess” of material.

I know what you mean to complete your toy set, you have to wait years to get a good set of figures in their proper context from when the actual comics were produced.

That is “production lag” in the toy and game manufacturing…it may take ten years to actually produce the material which is slow and the set or game may be ten years out of date by the time it gets released.

This falls under the, at least you got something category.

Like the X-Men “Pryde Of The X-Men” references The Uncanny X-Men launch after 1980 after The Phoenix Saga and takes place at the first appearance of Kitty Pryde and Dazzler in the X-Men after the departure of Cyclops in their relaunch.

I wrote about this on my other blog in the past, Cyclops shoots through the visor killing himself…that is just because it is the pilot and they couldn’t get it all lined up in the production for the producers but it was enough to continue to animate the next X-Men Series.

Not only that the story cuts in on the comic with a complicated script like The Phoenix Saga and makes no sense unless you follow the books, Wolverine is not Australian the series…it is a cut in.

I think at the time he was fighting the other characters in Australia and they got stuck talking in an Australian accent plus when he is complaining about Kitty he is just being sarcastic and teasing her with his accent and she is his side kick in the books.

I agree with you about Dazzler, she is one of the best characters in the book…maybe they didn’t continue because of production cost, she was outsold by other characters, takes too long to catch on so the character probably fell off because of those kinds of production issues.

Plus they were bringing back yellow Wolverine and they dropped the brown costume, that came out in the easier script in X-Men “The Animated Series” and I see the Kitty Pryde pilot as the test show for the real animated series with the return of Cyclops and Yellow Wolverine and the Series mirrored the X-Men #1 relaunch with the return of Cyclops and yellow Wolverine which is a different series than The Uncanny X-Men.

Regarding the video games those are the same production issues and not only that The X-Men, Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade stand up games are also in reality all the same game packaged with different graphics and cheaply produced although awesome.

Back then many games were just repackaged with different pictures on them to turn the X-Men into The Simpsons by changing the graphics and basic game play.

Back to my fan script….

My fan script is the 1985 era X-Men and Wolverine if appearing in costume will be using the brown suit, the Incredible Hulk will be grey like in the Wolverine Comic if appearing in my fan universe scripts like the solo late 1980’s Wolverine comic.

In the script after the mutants split from the humans Wolverine is mocked by the villain characters in the book for acting like himself again laughing although he is not a bad guy but maintains some connection to the villain characters while being independent, never fighting to the death unless he has to.

Wolverine who was originally assigned to kill Professor X which Professor X blocked, after regaining his memory starts to have doubts about Professor X for erasing his memory.

A tactic often used by Professor X to recruit mutants to his side, Professor X is not in the series.

After regaining his memory Wolverine decides that they need to take a rest and leave the humans and that Professor X by erasing his memory has made Wolverine miss much of his life.

Wolverine then begins his journey to retrace his steps taking some of the younger characters on an adventure in plain clothes so he can find out what has happened in his life that he missed by having his memory erased, blaming Professor X for himself missing many important moments in his life over the past decades.

He returns to his old life with the younger characters in the adventure to retrace his steps, which is a new and exciting adventure for the younger mutants following him along.

Not being in danger Wolverine buys an old pick up truck and heads out and opens a diner with the other mutants in Alaska to search for people from his old life, never in fear because Wolverine can smell the humans coming who would be in search of them and other mutants can also detect them so they are in no real danger.

At the same time the fight breaks out between the larger unstable evil mutants who fight the Military in smaller battles through out the series away from the X-Men Characters.

The X-Men being safe are able to hide while the Military searches for the larger more menacing mutants and evil mutants who become unstable and more uncontrollable during the conflict and remain on smaller adventures in the background.

The Military then revives the banned Sentenial mutant killing program to track down and capture or kill all the mutants later in the series.

Wolverine also discovers that years after the procedure that gave him an unbreakable adamantum steel skeleton and claws that his healing factor has recovered his complete memory and turned the steel skeleton and claws in organic steel like in Colossus and has been turned back into organic bones and claws made of steel and fused to him and can never be removed.


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