Storylines In Spider-Man Clarified

1980’s cartoon Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends storyline takes place in New York City, confusion of the story is that it is disconnected from the regular plot.

The story takes place when Spider-Man, Ice Man and Fire Star are in University in New York City, this is after the Spider-Man High School plot in the regular comic.

What is the confusion?

Spider-Man, who has trouble fitting in to team roles like the Uncanny X-Men because he has trouble with self discipline, did not attend Professor X’s School with Wolverine and Cyclops, but instead when to University with Ice-Man and Firestar.

That is the connection, in the background of the Marvel plot Spider-Man and the X-Men could be connected in a story where there is a University Crossover between Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and The Uncanny X-Men where they went to different schools and are on different Super Hero teams.

The 1980’s Cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends did not air many episodes but they were commonly played in heavy rotation on Saturday Morning Cartoons for years and is one of the top shows from Marvel at the time.

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