As Mainstream Comic Book Characters Like Batman Enter Public Domain New Resurgence In Old Characters

Reminder, mainstream comic characters will start entering the public domain after 2035…

Characters like the Joker, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman will join other public domain characters such as Captain Battle, Magno and Captain Marvel.

Other books including The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings and Original Star Trek Television Series 1 Novelizations also enter the public domain, also including characters like Mickey Mouse.

Some of these characters are already available for public domain print in Canada / UK Countries and the United States catches up starting with Mickey Mouse next year.

Either way, by 2035 the public domain print release will start lining up in all regions…then characters like The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings as well as Star Trek 1960’s characters will officially be public domain in most or all regions.

With all that on the horizon for book, movie, cartoon and game publishers heading into 2035 expect a new resurgence of old classic comic characters already public domain while the new ones like Superman and Batman will be available in the set for public print around 2035.

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