New Dungeons & Dragons 6E Multiverse

The new Dungeons & Dragons 6E multiverse they are saying at Hasbro is any game going with any of their books or creations, like all house rules.

That means you at home are in the multiverse if you use any Dungeons & Dragons product, theirs or third party.

What I’m saying on my page is they are selling the D20 System anyway now that Dungeons & Dragons is becoming open gaming.

So running D20 in the multiverse, products they own will assure them longevity in RPG gaming by owning the system.

What will be in demand in the next version 6E is adventures with playable monsters that third party creators can use to sell their own books on the Hasbro page after the 6E release.

Here are the characters I picked for my game Dragon Adventures from Dungeons & Dragons 6E that I will probably do some modules for on my page and maybe sell them on theirs after the next version comes out, like if I adapt “The Quest For The Golden Arrows” to 6E and sell on their game page in my D20 Beta Game Model.

I picked characters ahead knowing that this is all coming in 6E from the Monsters Of The Multiverse book release.

To go along with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for Dragon Adventures.

Bugbear, Centaur, Fairy, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Orc

Roll character as human and then add +2 to one ability score and +1 to another, or increase three different scores by 1 without going over 20 in the multiverse rule book to play as above characters.

Character description should be in the Monster Manual book series in one of the game formats of some kind, use that description for your character and then apply the above ability bonus scores to play on new version as monsters if you don’t have Monsters Of The Multiverse.

Follow my game Dragon Adventures to play adventures for those characters on 6E for my D20 Beta Game Test from my page.

That’s how Hasbro is presenting the new multiverse, instead of waiting for a new mini adventure starter set on 6E you can play the new rules on open gaming on D20 in the multiverse using their 5E books for character players and the expanded multiverse rules to play as monsters as well on other game systems on D20.

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