Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons: The White Dragon’s Hunt – Free Adventure


Dungeons & Dragons has just released a new Free Adventure at the above link from their new adventure module “Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons”.

You need to go to their web page to get the free adventure, with the new Dungeons & Dragons version on the way in 2024 hopefully expect some new mini adventures from 5.5e or 6e whichever they make.

This adventure which resembles the release of the Dungeons & Dragons 5e Starter Set Box where you only get a few characters and rule set’s from the new version that you can use to play some select adventures and characters from the new version.

Think of this like they are working on the new version right now and they only have the books partially written if you follow along live, then when they have enough playable material for the next version they release it as a smaller rules versions for first playable levels of the next version like in the 5e “Starter Set” and “Essentials Kit” which are like advance boxes from the Players Handbook.

Then you get a partial Player’s Handbook version in a new Starter Set and a small adventure module from the next version, so you only get a few characters and adventures to choose from that are official from the next version.

“The White Dragon’s Hunt” is a similar release on their webpage as an advance from from the new book “Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons” where you can play as dragons it says.

Important – Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons has switched to naming all their monsters in the books so all the dragons and creatures all have names now to go along with the generic version in the Monster Manual to give them a bigger character in their adventure modules, not that this is new in Dungeon’s & Dragons but now it seems more marketable for toys and collectables at stores like Wal-Mart by giving the monsters expanded names and story lines.

Go to the link on the top of this page to play the adventure, this is the best part of following Dungeons & Dragons live for when they do these releases, hopefully they will be some advance rule book update versions coming soon like a new Starter Set for 6e or something.

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