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Movie Fan Scripts by Jason Mackenzie –

//Updated July 10, 2023 – Newest Updates At Bottom//

Mall Rats 2 Fan Script: Banned From The Mall

Updated: The name of this fan script has been changed to “Mall Rats 2 Fan Script: Banned From The Mall”, Jay & Silent Bob Characters removed from script.


New Rich Mall / Comic Business Owner – Female Character based on “Dirt Mall Comic Shop staff in “Mallrats” / Waitress from “Chasing Amy Film”

Joysin – “New Jay Character”

“Bob” – “New “Bob” Character”


When an old member of the troupe secretly gets rich from the dirt mall Jay, Silent Bob and the rest of the old cast get BANNED FROM THE MALL as more background characters take the lead roles.

Example, characters from Clerks 2 and Mall Rats “appearances” like “Willam” etc, Jay’s drug dealing customers, take more lead roles in the new script replacing old characters.

Now, banned from the Mall and a new owner of all their old comic material Jay and Silent Bob plus the rest of gang have no where to go and find out that a new Mall is coming in from someone they used to know with a new entertainment super center, video arcade, comic book mega store and movie theater.

Cut out of their earnings and no where to go Jay and Silent Bob and everyone else have been replaced in the new comics and movies with new rich actors as a new crowd takes over the mall, now the gang must figure out what to do now that they have been kicked out of their old group by an old member and BANNED from the new Mall for life.

The new cast from the comic store at the dirt mall buy the rights to the musical “Jay and Silent Bob” and make the new characters with no actors, now new actors will play the next cast of Jay and Silent Bob in a brand new Mall Rats Mall Television Game Show to pick the cast winners, live with brand new cast from the mall now that the old cast had been banned and replaced!

Fed up with the local convenience stores the new rich cast take over the mall and start a rival chain of convenience stores after the Quick Stop get’s stolen when they have to move the store into a temporary shipping container outside while keeping the store open when the building has to be renovated.

Jay crouching down outside the mall with the new owners on opening day like he was behind a coffin: “It’s me, Joycin…you’re dead brother funeral home.”

New Owner: “That’s it you’re fired.”

Lord Of The Rings: The Hobbit Part Two

Bilbo Baggins holder of the Ring Of Power tormented by the evil forces of the ring uses it to find his next treasure after throwing the ring of power into the Fires Of Mordor.

Leaving the Shire he begins his next quest to find his new more powerful magic item he viewed in secret with the Ring Of Power after first discovering the ring by witnessing the Golem kill his friend to discover the ring long ago in the past.

Now, an older man tormented from viewing the rings evil forces sets out to retrieve his new more powerful item…

A more powerful magic ring to restore him to his youth in the past as a young man and start his life over leaving The Shire forever.

Lord Of The Rings: The Hobbit Part Three

After traveling to the past Bilbo must return to Mordor after becoming young with his new Ring Of Power to map the route for Fordo in the future or his new found eternal youth will never happen.

Barbie & Rhonda

Cartoon / Movie Script based on Barbie & Ken toy line series from “Barbie discontinued characters section” under the Ken & Barbie “marriage” story line. Although Barbie is present in “spirit” in the story she really lives far away during Ken’s second marriage after her career becomes successful.

Barbie learns from away that her ex husband Ken has a new wife named Rhonda, who looks like Barbie with slightly darker light brown blonde hair, who has no skills and she is enrolled in classes at University to be like Barbie for Ken in his new marriage with Rhonda who has similar interests as Barbie.

Ken must adapt to life in his new marriage by helping Rhonda with her University work while she decides on her first career to be more like Ken in their new marriage.

The story is told partially through letters to Barbie who is not present in the story from friends in her home town sending her letters about Rhonda while she is away working in her new career.

“Letters To Barbie” in the script and cartoon appear in the book and cartoons screen hand written to her from her friends back home with updates about Ken & Rhonda.

Characters include Barbie’s discontinued younger twin brother and sister Tutti and Todd, Barbie’s cousins Francie Fairchild, Jazzy and older teenage Kristine “Krissy” Roberts as well as Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea and Kelly.

Barbie, not in the show reads the letters from her kitchen table in her new mansion far away with her new job on the Barbie & Rhonda cartoon pictures, Barbie is pictured on the show as “known to fans” as reading the letters in the kitchen in her new mansion as “still pictures” in the introduction credits and cartoon letters to Barbie written on the screen with pictures of her kitchen in background in her mansion in the background of the cartoon letters to her on the screen during the show with updates about Ken and Rhonda’s marriage.

Jem & The New Misfits

Cartoon Script Based on Jem & The Holograms.

Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer steal Jem’s stage to promote their new label signing The New York Misfits teenage girl band to defeat Jem.

When Jerrica goes away to engineering school and Synergy on the fritz, the New York Misfits take over the stage.

Now Jerrica must get back to New York and fix Synergy and get Jem back to the stage before her record company loses all it’s fans!