Barbie & Rhonda – Fan Script


Cartoon Fan Script by Jason MacKenzie

Barbie & Rhonda Comic / Movie Fan Script, Cartoon series fan script for Barbie (Ken & Barbie) abandoned / discontinued Barbie & Ken marriage story line with Ken’s new wife Rhonda.

This script centers around Krissy, Skipper etc. with their friends enrolled in University class with Rhonda who write Barbie letters during the show as interruptions during the Ken and Rhonda story line who the girls at school have put Barbie’s work load and extra curricular activities on her in Barbie’s absence after her graduation.

Krissy, Barbie’s youngest sister, creates problems for Rhonda during the show forcing her to sold Krissy like her sister Barbie looking for attention distracting her while she works trying to make her fail and win at the same time, Ken’s focus is that she will have to learn to deal with the situation in their home town where they live.

Cartoon / Movie Script based on Barbie & Ken toy line series from “Barbie discontinued characters section” under the Ken & Barbie “marriage” story line. Although Barbie is present in “spirit” in the story she really lives far away during Ken’s second marriage after her career becomes successful.

Barbie learns from away that her ex husband Ken has a new wife named Rhonda, who looks like Barbie with slightly darker light brown blonde hair, who has no skills and she is enrolled in classes at University to be like Barbie for Ken in his new marriage with Rhonda who has similar interests as Barbie.

Ken must adapt to life in his new marriage by helping Rhonda with her University work while she decides on her first career to be more like Ken in their new marriage.

The story is told partially through letters to Barbie who is not present in the story from friends in her home town sending her letters about Rhonda while she is away working in her new career.

“Letters To Barbie” in the script and cartoon appear in the book and cartoons screen hand written to her from her friends back home with updates about Ken & Rhonda.

Characters include Barbie’s discontinued younger twin brother and sister Tutti and Todd, Barbie’s cousins Francie Fairchild, Jazzy and older teenage Kristine “Krissy” Roberts as well as Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea and Kelly.

Barbie, not in the show reads the letters from her kitchen table in her new mansion far away with her new job on the Barbie & Rhonda cartoon pictures, Barbie is pictured on the show as “known to fans” as reading the letters in the kitchen in her new mansion as “still pictures” in the introduction credits and cartoon letters to Barbie written on the screen with pictures of her kitchen in background in her mansion in the background of the cartoon letters to her on the screen during the show with updates about Ken and Rhonda’s marriage.

Cartoon Episode Fan Script:

Broken up into 15 chapters (episodes) by plot chapter summary and dialog examples for condensed novel presentation in cartoon series script format with condensed script chapters per episode.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Here in this section in the plot development my point is that Barbie herself is away and is so busy that nothing in this story matters to her because she has a bigger life now. Other characters back home still have the same background.

Where they live Ken still lives there, so in the story his new wife has to be around the other non-Barbie characters, so Barbie’s sisters and friends back home they have to resolve living around Rhonda in the scenario where they all have to get along together without Barbie.

When she is away modelling now or something, lives far away and is too busy for this story “Barbie & Rhonda”.

Episode 1: Barbie Get’s A Letter From Krissy

Barbie away at work gets a letter from her baby sister Krissy who is now a teenager.

Episode 2: Rhonda Meets Krissy And Skipper

Krissy and Skipper’s friends and relatives meet Rhonda, Ken’s new wife enrolled at the University class.

Episode 3: Rhonda Get’s Her School Id Card

Rhonda now enrolled in University has to get her student ID card for campus access.

Epidode 4: School Shopping For First Semester

Rhonda finds out that Skipper and Krissy have friends that have just enrolled at the University.

Episode 5: Ken and Rhonda Go To The Beach

Ken and Rhonda take a trip to the beach for a picnic when Rhonda get’s ahead in class freeing up her day time hours.

Episode 6: Rhonda Picks Her Classes

Trying to figure out her future Rhonda must pick some University Classes to get started.

Epidode 7: Rhonda Has To Find A Partner For Her Mid Term Class Presentation

With Ken holding the office down Rhonda must find a partner for her class presentation to help her buy her own stationary at the school.

Episode 8: Rhonda Get’s A Part Time Job

When Rhonda get’s a part time volunteer job at the pool, things go bad when Krissy get’s in trouble at the pool and Rhonda has to help.

Episode 9: Rhonda Picks Her Classes

After meeting her class mates and taking some time Rhonda picks her classes and decides to start with a Psychology Major like her new friends at the school

Epidode 10: Ken’s Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Rhonda must make a Thanksgiving dinner for Ken and his Office co workers in their new house on their Holiday Weekend.

Episode 11: Ken And Ronda Go Christmas Shopping

Rhonda learns that running a house for Ken and his friends at the office and going to University full time is a lot harder than she thought.

Episode 12: Rhonda Get’s A Day Planner

The girls at school help Ronda organize her time better with her new day planner.

Epidode 13: Ken And Rhonda Go Away For The Weekend

Ken and Rhonda take a trip to the cottage to get some time away from the commotion in the neighborhood.

Episode 14: Krissy Asks Rhonda If She Knows Who Barbie Is

Rhonda get’s a surprise when Krissy asks her if Ken told her about her sister Barbie, Rhonda tells Krissy that it’s alright to know her separate because they all still live around Ken and work and go to school together, plus Barbie knows all about it anyway.

Episode 15: Rhonda Get’s An A+

Rhonda must study for first year mid term exams while Skipper and the gang create a commotion in the neighborhood.