Dungeons & Dragons Current Version Is Still Fifth Edition

This is a reminder to people who follow my game on this blog, the current version of Dungeons & Dragons is still Fifth Edition.

The next edition of the Players Handbook is to be released in 2024, that version is supposed to be updated with new features.

Those new features aren’t out yet, some material was listed in the One D&D: Unearthed Arcana Playtest, that the word “race” was changed to “species”, then a press release said this was changed in the new version.

After that comes out, Players Handbook 2024, then the new playable monster books will probably start coming out.

I mean, authors will probably wait for after 2024 before writing adventures for Monsters Of The Multiverse, so that means the first book is only Fifth Edition.

That puts the game back for some players because official adventures for the next version after 2024 will be based on that game, so that gives little chance to Monsters Of The Multiverse Fifth Edition version except for home players and game store players.

Creating characters for Monsters Of The Multiverse for Playable Monster Character Sheets, you need to add “Character Backgrounds” for extra Character Sheet Information.

This is listed in books like the Players Handbook in the Character Creation section under Class.

Fifth Edition / SRD5.1 this says “race”.

The new version out in 2024 is rumored to have this say “species”, that means to use SRD5.1 you have to say “race”.

In the Players Handbook / SRD5.1 under classes like Barbarian and Sorcerer, I think all classes had this option, you can choose “character origins” options from the Path Of The Berserker for Barbarian and Sorcerer Origins you can pick options like Draconic Ancestry.

This can add bonuses to your character instead of just using basic options.

These features are not available in Monsters Of The Multiverse for Playable Monster Characters.

I mean why would authors put the new books out on Fifth Edition when the 2024 version is almost out.

That limits the Monsters Of The Multiverse set on Fifth Edition SRD5.1.

For regular characters, then check Xanather’s Guide To Everything for updates to Playable Characters like Barbarian and Sorcerer.

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything has more options listed for more backgrounds and is a Fifth Edition Players Handbook Expansion.

The same with Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything, is adds more character background options and is another Fifth Edition Players Handbook Expansion.

To me, this limits Monsters Of The Multiverse as an “Unearthed Arcana” version book set released at the deadline of a past version before 2024 when the rules come out.

After that Monsters Of The Multiverse continues with the new 2024 rules off SRD5.1.

Then hopefully new Playable Monster books will be out.

A different point is that “character backgrounds” are not just limited to the “Unearthed Arcana” playtest, they also appear in the rule books above under the rules expansion material (Monsters Of The Multiverse, Xanathar’s Guide To Everything, Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything) and the Fifth Edition Players Handbook / SRD5.1 under class backgrounds in the Character Creation Section.

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