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Remember, this is a fan fiction and tribute page and comic book blog…these are not official stories coming out on Marvel, not yet anyway because we never sold them yet.

In our fan fiction story for the re-launch of Spider-Man And His Amazing friends Firestar (Angelica Jones) has been revealed as Mary Jane Watson and is supposed to appear in the next version of Spider-Man in Spider-Man 3 in the official Marvel movie universe plot line.

If you’ve been away from comics for a while or don’t know what they are talking about all the stories take place in different universes now as needed for Marvel scripts.

This is to preserve their original characters without hurting the actual scripts, the movie universe takes place in a separate continuum in Marvel, this way any character from any Marvel series can appear in the films without hurting original story lines and they can write any script in an “open concept” format I’m sure they developed to fit as much action into the movies as possible.

Without hurting any original plots.

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Like I said earlier in the blog, I am using this comic book page and the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends tribute and fan page that we own for fan fiction to help break in our characters and plots.

If you follow my material you’ll know that we’re putting an emphasis on character development in our story lines and using Marvel and some DC and some other material as examples for plot and character development for fan discussion and plot development.

Don’t think of this page as a help page for character and plot development for comic books but you can use it for that, and we’re doing that for fan debate and discussion at the comic book store.

Right now we have an Uncanny X-Men Script in development that is just on the blogs posts right now but will later have a separate section on this webpage called “War Of The Mutants” fan fiction script which takes place in the Marvel mutant universe over a ten year period of comic book releases for the background in the stories outside of the other non-mutant comic book characters based on 1980’s The Uncanny X-Men mini-series “The Fall Of The Mutants”.

So this is all written in the fan fiction universe of Marvel for fandom like for comic con.

At our comic book store page we’re promoting the return of Firestar and Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends – which if you don’t know was the number one Marvel television series in he 1980’s.

Now I don’t have all the answers but they never continued with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends in the 1980’s, instead the success of the show from our research led to the larger Marvel comic book universe release and launched several comic book series and many of the main comic book series they have today.

The success of the show led to the larger Marvel Universe they have to today and they probably sold all the bigger series of shows off this one after that later in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

We decided for our page that since Marvel didn’t want several of these old series and scrapped them years ago that we would do them for our fan fiction page.

Then to help with fan debate and fan fiction from Marvel fandom we’re going to develop the original scrapped scripts for fan fiction into new series, which would be for sale to Marvel from us as writers if they want them, and then show you what we can do with the old scrapped characters and story lines – then you can see what Space Command is about our series by relating it to other comics.

So our Marvel fan scripts, that is the Space Command material…so if I owned Marvel instead of Space Command this is what it would look like and what you can expect from our series Space Command.

The Failure Of The Original X-Men

The original X-Men series failed by 1970 and was scrapped and into reprints leading to the relaunch of the X-Men men in Giant Size X-Men #1 valued at $20 thousand dollars and that is todays X-Men comic.

So for our fan fiction material we picked the original scrapped X-Men comic book series for a fan fiction relaunch and cross over with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends cartoon series, also scrapped, for our Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Tribute page to promote the relaunch of Firestar – Mary Jane Watson.

For reference material watch the 1980’s cartoon series Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

This is a cross over between the original X-Men and Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

So far in our Marvel fan fiction relaunch this is what happened….

Firestar has been revealed as being Mary Jane Watson – this doesn’t have to take place in our script which takes place in the past continuum where she is using the alias Angelica Jones.

After the demise of the Original X-Men Ice Man moves to New York City to live with Peter Parker and Angelica Jones to attend University with them as a trio after leaving Professor Xavier’s school to attend regular university.

Ice Man’s ex team mate on the X-Men Marvel Girl, also known as Phoenix and Jean Gray in the original X-Men, has vanished.

At the same time in the new X-Men from Giant Size X-Men #1 two of their new team members have vanished…Sunfire and Thunderbird.

It has been revealed here in our script that Jean Gray after leaving the X-Men has killed Sunfire and Thunderbird to become Phoenix from the first failed X-Men group under Charles Xavier and absorbed their power.

Marvel Girl becomes Phoenix with the powers of herself mixed with Sunfire and Thunderbird.

Marvel Girl now appearing as Phoenix follows her ex partner Ice Man to New York City to track down Firestar the ex partner of Sunfire, who she killed, to kill her as well who is actually Mary Jane Watson disguised as Angelica Jones to take her power as well and absorb it into the Phoenix character making her even stronger.

Marvel Girl in our script has been revealed as having the ability to kill other characters and absorb their powers.

Marvel Girl like other characters in the Original X-Men failed script Beast and Angel have all become other characters and mutated into other forms.

In the Original X-Men, only Cyclops and Ice Man remained the same and Professor Xavier has failed with his first X-Men team.

The first mutants all mutated and developed other powers and changed their original appearances while Ice Man has left to team up with Peter Parker in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

It is also a fact in the Marvel universe that Peter Parker who isn’t a “team player” and doesn’t have the discipline to fit into groups like The Avengers and was kicked off the team for not following the rules.

A trait also shared by Ice Man from the first failed X-Men series as documented in their adventures on Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

Ice Man, who also lacks discipline and isn’t a team player and failed on the Original X-Men like Peter Parker with the Avengers later teams up with Peter Parker and Angelica Jones for their University years after High School for their new adventures in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends which featured an all star cast of guest appearances including Sunfire after his death in this story is easily explained in this series.

One of the main enemies of the trio in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends was The Chameleon, who is one of the main enemies of Peter Parker.

The team of the Chameleon has tricked Firestar into thinking that Sunfire was still alive while Marvel Girl travels to New York City following her ex partner Ice Man to kill Firestar and absorb her power to combine the powers of Firestar and Sunfire into herself to become a more powerful Phoenix.

In this story it is revealed to Firestar that Sunfire has actually been killed after the demise of the Original X-Men and was tricked by probably the Chameleon while she is being tracked down by his murderer Marvel Girl.

In this fan fiction story the background takes place after the demise of the Original X-Men as Marvel Girl follows Ice Man in secret to New York City with her yet unnamed partners to track down and kill Firestar to combine her power with Sunfire’s in herself.

This is my Marvel Fan Fiction Universe, Fan Fiction One, and takes place during that time period in the past in Marvel – after the demise of the Original X-Men and the journey leading into the background of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

So this is where the stories will take place – in the cancelled Marvel Universe after the demise of the Original X-Men in the late 1960’s early 1970’s Marvel Comics background…then leading into the early to mid 1980’s Marvel Universe with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends and The Uncanny X-Men “Fall Of The Mutants” mini series.

Back to Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends…

After High School Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson who is now a famous broadway actress enroll in University in New York City with Bobby Drake (Ice Man) after he leaves the first failed X-Men team.

Mary Jane Watson disguises herself as Angelica Jones to attend University with Peter Parker and Bobby Drake for their University adventures in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends as a new superhero team attending University in New York, perhaps undercover in their adventures.

On the show the characters are all dating each other and fighting with each other about who’s dating who on the team.

The explanation to this is that they are just pretending to fit into University life by “acting normal” for their secret mission and all dating each other taking turns to fit in with the other students.

Now they must face Marvel Girl from the failed Original X-Men on their new adventures in the fan fiction universe.



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