Movie Industry Update – New Genre Starting

This material is coming over from my research blog page, so I have to get my script idea posted first for the new genre of movies coming out before Bruce Willis and all them get their scripts out ahead of us.

My Movie Script is called “Blackout ’77” – based on the events of the New York City blackout in 1977.

News reports from the 1970’s have revealed that the blackout of 1977 maybe have been the date the new United States SWAT Teams came out to go into South Bronx in New York City to kill all the “Death Wish” gangs from the 1970’s.

After this blackout the area was abandoned and then demolished when New York City build The Projects for new affordable housing in the 1980’s, later the construction crews were linked the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks the Bin Laden Family – not in my script material, that is just the reference.

My movie script Blackout ’77 is about the events and stories surrounding the actual events of when they fought the gangs in New York to remove them from South Bronx.

Just remember my script is the first, before before Bruce Willis and Quentin Tarantino start a new genre of movies of my new script – Blackout ’77 Movies, our new movie genre that we made here at Dawn Forged Cast.

I should say how to read this page, this blog is not a “daily update” format….I’m writing it like it’s a book, then the blog posts are reference articles.

If you like the topic check back later the blog posts because there may be updates, like new updates to the movie script or something.

Like this:

They said in the New York Gang Video that they got all their money from murdering some club owner and stealing all their possessions and kept the club going, then a bunch of them were in jail for murder one.

Then they fought the police until they all got killed.

That’s what Blackout ’77 my movie is about, the gang members killing the club owners and stealing all their money and running their business and paying for the gang assuming the other persons identity.

Then all the crazy costumes the gangs are all wearing like in A Clockwork Orange and Surf Nazi’s Must Die is all stuff looted from the stores during the rioting for their gang clothes when they fought the police.

Just remember if you’re reading this blog check the old posts for updates if you’re following the topic.

Here are reference videos about South Bronx and Blackout ’77:

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