Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: So What’s With Astral Travel?

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I am also a fan of old basic Dungeons & Dragons and the re-boxing, I don’t think a lot of people got that but playing that game really helps you understand the harder rules in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons the problem with Astral Travel is that the format is not numbered on the stats combat tables.

You have no ability scores for Astral Travel.

That part of the game which is in the last third of the Players Handbook, in not dice game play to setup.

I can not stress enough that entire game of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is in the Players Handbook which is not very long.

The rest of the books are supplemental, but you need them to actually play the game.

My game Dragon Adventures, has Astral Travel roll scores.

Meaning I am adding the Astral Travel ability scores into the game in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for Dragon Adventures.

I will give you an example of Astral Travel in the game below and show you what I mean that I have added into Dragons Adventures so that the Astral Travel part of the game can be converted to the dice combat tables.

First, Astral Travel has no numbers…meaning that you can’t make a dungeon for Astral Travel like for the monster realm.

That takes place in the last third of the game.

Let’s say your party is on an outside adventure, the Dungeon Master has to stop then “declare” an Astral Travel event…then they pick where the adventure will be, then they have it.

As a bonus part of the game, this part of that game has not been translated to the dice combat system and is part fantasy mixed with rules.


Your character has been traveling for days with a Magic Carpet in their back pack and as usual it never comes up in the game to use it, then suddenly the Dungeon Master declares that you will be able to travel on your magic carpet through the Astral Realm.

An event that he just decided then.

Then you need to retrieve some magic item from some monster and come back to open a gate.

So away you go on your magic carpet in the game to the Astral Realm to retrieve the magic item then fight monsters from the random encounter table on the way, then you get to the Blue Astral Dragon which you have to fight and get the magic item.

Then you fly back on the Magic Carpet in the game with the magic item to open the gate back with the rest of your party.

Some of those events may have dice rolling but not all of them.

In Dragon Adventures all these events are connected to an events table, so the Astral Travel part of the game and all related events are included the same as combat, magic and weapons tables the same as in the dungeon.

Think of Dragon Adventures in three parts Beginner, Regular and Expert.

The Astral Travel would be in the Expert section.

Get to know the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons PLAYERS HANDBOOK to learn the game.

There are only three main sections…Character Creation, Character Selection and Equipping The Character.

Most of the book is actually character selection and descriptions where they have detailed character descriptions.

Pick a few characters and skip Multi-Classing to start, if you do that you have to split experience points between the two classes and it takes longer to go up in levels in the game.

Then just create and get to know those characters in the main format to get started, learn those first my examples are on the Dragon Adventures page for Female Human Fighter and Female Elf Fighter who are the main characters for Book One of Dragon Adventures which is The Quest For The Golden Arrows.

Play Dragon Adventures Here:

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