Dungeons & Dragons Announce New 6th Edition

Forgotten Realms Magic Cards

LINK: https://www.wargamer.com/dnd/6e-release-date

I can just imagine now all these people working at comic book and computer magazine pages all sitting around the office with no ivy league university degrees, not like me I have one, trying to figure out how to follow all the fan talk about the new Dungeons & Dragons plus still trying to write their articles.

Then you get this article from War Gamer, I’m not really sure what their saying in this article…I’m not bashing those magazine people I’m just saying if you had a better degree you probably wouldn’t be working there or you’d had better articles written for the game your covering.

The point is there is a new Dungeons & Dragons version coming out in 2024 and they have announced it is the full 6th Edition.

Now they’ll be watching everyone playing online, blogging and making Youtube videos looking for content on the D20 model.

They got the point in the article though, the new version is the full 6th Edition.

Now version 5.5 wasn’t true and War Gamer got all this 5.5 fan talk in the article that is confusing the game release already and the new Forgotten Realms Magic Cards game is full of bootleggers and scams already.

They keep saying that version 5 is going to be compatible with the new version…then they start going on in the article about fake 5.5 hype.

If they say 6th Edition, they will have all brand new modules for a new complete game set…so I don’t know what the negative hype is already about 6th edition and right away all I see on it is bootleggers running scams and trying to confuse the official release on fan pages.

I doubt by the time 2024 comes that this will be a backwards compatible game with 5th edition because of the bootleggers and scams on the internet trying cash in on a fake 5.5 release.

Version 5 is so large online and people make those modules to sell on the official page for commission from Dungeons & Dragons, all that will be scrapped under a new 6th edition so that may be a reason that want to keep compatibility but if they drop that I would expect they would do 6th edition only and then only let fans sell 6e compatible books.

I also do music promotion for the Heavy Metal section and I see this there all the time bootleggers and flamers ruining the band’s album release.

Like these people follow the scene around and bootleg, flame and plagiarize people release all this fake or fan press and then the official release gets confused and they use that “talk” to bootleg around and scam the official versions, trying to “get a piece” of the original artist or author in a scam, then they ruin the scene with badly made bootlegs and start fake fights with people trying to harass them at the concert or game.

You get that in music and in Dungeons & Dragons I’m saying, that’s what I’m seeing.

Then you get these magazine articles that are all confused with the pressed mixed up with what fans are saying and it confuses the players about what the actual official game is.

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