Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Candlekeep Mysteries Mini Adventure Module

This is probably one of the best books in Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons 5E right now, no this is not 6E or 5.5.

This is a newer game book for Dungeons & Dragons 5E and contains 17 adventures.

Right away this is my favorite book because it said Candlekeep on it, plus running an adventure module of mini campaigns is always the funnest game.

When you start the game pick your background rules:


“- On the world of Exandria, the Soltryce Academyin Rexxentrum (a large city on the continent of
Wildemount) or the Cobalt Reserve in Westruun(a small city on the continent of Tal’dorei)
– On the world of Eberron, the Library of Korran-berg in the nation of Zilargo, the University of
Wynarn’s library in the nation of Aundair, or Mor-grave University’s library in the city of Sharn
– On the world of Oerth, the Great Library in the Free City of Greyhawk.”

So Ebberron is the future in Dungeons & Dragons, so we’ll just skip all that for now even if they look like great books.

This game defaults to Forgotten Realms, so if you play the regular rules just use your Player’s Handbook and the Candlekeep mysteries book.

You can also use Greyhawk rules for the adventure, if you do that consult your Greyhawk manual.

What no Dragonlance?

We’ll just include it anyway along with our game Dragon Adventures, so we’ll run this on my D20 Beta Test Game, then on 5E, with test from new rule submissions for 5.5E and 6E and see what it looks like.

So I said I’d do a run through of 5E on this blog and my game exploded, I’m going to use that opportunity to review 5E and then my beta game as a new beta rules for 5.5E and 6E from Dungeons & Dragons game group rule submitters.

Just to see what their proposed rules would look like if they made it into the actual Dungeons & Dragons game.

To start you need to use the default game books which is automatically “Forgotten Realms” or substitute them with Greyhawk.

What Dragonlance has no central library?


You need an adventure module with a large library in it is what they mean so we went with Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms because those books use the city of Oerth, plus that is compatible with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and my game Dragon Adventures because both adventure backgrounds exist in 5E and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition.

This is what we get:

Spelljammer and Waterdeep: Dungeon Of The Mad Mage.

Knowing all that when starting Candlekeep Mysteries means that we can use extra modules beyond the regular rule book plus use Spelljammer Books which is some kind of Flying Ship in Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk, plus on 5E we can now use Waterdeep: Dungeon Of The Mad Mage.

All those stories are accessible through the adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries, plus we can run them on Dragon Adventures to see what they look like on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, keep in mind the rule variations for 5.5 and 6E future game submission.

We’re not doing a run through and giving the story in the book away we’re just setting the game up so the players can finish the rest and learn the different rule sets.

How I take this adventure book when you look all this up is that I can use Candlekeep Mysteries on Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms and then play into Waterdeep: Dungeon Of The Mad Mage and Spelljammer modules because the city of Oerth takes place in these backgrounds.

That’s the setup for the book, then run on 5E rules, then to run on 5.5 and new test rules for Weapon Proficiency Bonus and Death Save roll.

Dungeons & Dragons already has weapons proficiency built into the game now they want this broken out into a dice roll with add death save roll.

Under this rule submission roll for hit on your attack roll as normal and then add second weapon proficiency proficiency roll as a second dice roll and add it to the attack roll, adding this rule means adding new character adjustments into the game to account for proficiency roll bonus…maybe roll 1d4 and add to you to hit roll to calculate proficiency bonus.

Under my 6E rule submission, the Dungeon Master must penalize any player -7 points on the to hit role for talking out of alignment during game play based on story mode of the game scenario at the time

Now that this has happened Dragon Adventures my D20 Beta Game has also just taken off bigger, now in the Quest For The Golden Arrows the all girl archer team has randomly encountered the Demilich from Monster Manual II who has pulled back an Evil Monarchy for his kingdom in Advanced Dungeon’s & Dragons after viewing the rules for 5E under Dragon Adventures.

This interaction of the psychic realms has allowed the Archlich in the future of the game to view events taking place back in time in The Quest For The Golden Arrows.

Could the girls be pulled into a 5E scenario and have to face the Archlich from the Fifth Edition sent to defend the nobility of the Demilich in Dragon Adventures who have just established a new kingdom by viewing the future in the psychic realm?

Will the girls have to fight the Archlich from 5E while on The Quest For The Golden Arrows in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in Dragon Adventures?

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