Complete Dungeons & Dragons “Hoard Of The Dragon Queen” To Follow Along With Dragon Adventures

To follow along with my D20 Beta Game “Dragon Adventures” play The First Module of Dungeons & Dragons 5E “Hoard Of The Dragon Queen” to learn the rules of the 5th Edition Book.

Play as Fighter Characters from 5E and then follow along as I update the Dragon Adventures RPG D20 Beta Game page.

Then you can learn the rules of the interaction between Dungeons & Dragons and Dragon Adventures as I develop the game, it’s best to memorize the entire 5E Players Handbook to continue on the “Quest For The Golden Arrows” if you want to learn to interact on D20 with the Fifth Edition while they working on version 6E which will be the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse with more playable races and monsters.

Learn how to play the Sword Coast Adventures from “Hoard Of The Dragon Queen” 5E module adventure book.

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