Dungeons & Dragons: Character Race A Problem In Game

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New changes to Dungeons & Dragons present new issues for players, including race where characters no longer get a bonus for their race.

Essentially, the game has been changed to that no specific character has an advantage over race, however some larger characters which may have a problem with this obviously have a race advantage or disadvantage.

For example, the Orc may be too big to get into some caves, where smaller characters can hide like Fairies…the Orc used to have a -1 on entering the cave while the smaller creature has a +7 dexterity bonus on escaping from the Orc and finding a place to hide like a cave.

Obviously the Orc has the disadvantage….

No bonus for his race to get the Fairy out of the cave…this is the racial problem in Dungeons & Dragons.

This can be solved for example by balancing the characters in the rule book so that the Orc can have a similar advantage to the Fairy when attacking him in the cave.

The Dungeons & Dragons core rule books…D20…start with basic features , sometimes when players jump ahead in the game using “house rules” (assembling their own rules format using their favorite sections of the game) problems with race come up like this because the players skipped rules or didn’t balance the characters.

After the basic core rules book, Dungeons & Dragons then expands the rules with expansion books so that players can have new advantages in the game for their character that they may want to use in their game that they like that can balance the characters.

Like the Orc for example may be able to overcome his difficulties with his size disadvantage over smaller creatures with new rules from the “trendy” easy games like DRAGON ADVENTURES.

Aside from that, Dungeons & Dragons has it’s own books.

In the new One D&D / Dungeons & Dragons 6E Playtest (call it whatever you want) and using Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck isle, out next month early for Christmas, you can overcome these race issues facing characters like the Orc.

Dungeons & Dragons has now said that the Orc no longer has a racial disadvantage in the situation with the new rules expansion and 6E Playtest.

“Unearthed Arcana 2022” for higher levels in the game using the playtest you can fix this issue present in the 5E manual.

Note: Dungeons & Dragons 5E has now been closed and it can be thrown into the D20 Development area for outside game designers since Dungeons & Dragons has moved on and dropped the system…now wide open for outside expansion on D20….however, no new D20 guide for 6E which is not out yet.

To solve the race scenario above for example on ANY Dungeons & Dragons system, go to the book store and get the newest book set for reference (Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle, Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything, Xanathar’s Guide To Everything and Monsters Of The Multiverse) use these books with the “Unearthed Arcana 2022” Dungeons & Dragons 6E Playtest and find new favorite rules to add to your game for this scenario.

On my Dragon Adventures page I have made an example “Unearthed Arcana 2022” Basic Playtest using the above books, at the end you can practice these scenarios by battling monsters from Monsters Of The Multiverse on the 6E Playtest.

My basic playtest can give you ideas to use in your 6E Dungeons & Dragons Playtest on One D&D which is the latest test version for 6E using “Unearthed Arcana 2022”.

For example, if in your adventure you come across the above scenario with the Orc and he has the Fairy stuck in a cave with a -1 to the Fairy’s +7 you may be able to give a bonus to get him in the cave with the new rule books.

That’s because the have removed racial bonus or penalty and added the bonus to a different section of the game.

The bonus is now under “CHARACTER BACKGROUNDS” not race in the Players Handbook.

So drop character race bonus from the Players Handbook section, then add the new bonus from “Unearthed Arcana 2022” for example.

In this book, you must use a character background from the book OR make up your own – not sure of the rule if your make your own character back ground bonus.

Character Background Bonus – CBB you can use for short on your character sheet.

This means that the previously limited Orc can now have new bonuses like other characters including the Fairy by creating a background for his character.

Now to balance your character the Orc in the situation use “Unearthed Arcana 2022” and CHOOSE a background for him that gives him a bonus in that situation if you want one.

Example backgrounds maybe that he has pick axe skills from studying mining and working in the mines, maybe he is a mine supervisor and can be called in to dig the Fairy out with a +5 bonus for being a mining expert for his background and can get the fairy out easier by digging him out with his +5 CBB mining skills.

These scenarios help battle racial differences in the characters in previous versions.

Hopefully Dungeons & Dragons will release a Character Background Book Series to give players storyline ideas for their characters and provide character bonus guides, that is something that I might add to my game Dragon Adventures or write my own.

Using short fiction stories about the characters in a book series will help players how to understand and calculate new character background bonuses.

In Dragons Adventures my game, like the Spell Book and Spell Book 2: Unearthed Arcana Spells from my “Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Patch” on the abandoned game rules system, you could also add the “Character Backgrounds Books” and then use them wide open like Spell Book 1 and Spell Book 2 for simultaneous play with two spell books for over 18 intelligence characters.

If the books were written you could also use the character backgrounds list and then try difference ones for your CBB – Character Background Bonus and then try different background options in each scenario before you pick a background.

After this, you could multi-class the character backgrounds making them a Farmer and a Miner for example for multiple bonuses.

Then maybe multi-class and multi-spell book and multi-backgrounds.

The the Magic-User for example may be able to multi-spell book with other character spells etc. in the Spell Book 2 Expansion.

For example Magic-User / Fairy multi-spell book with multiple character background options for new game play character scenarios.

Starting out you could choose one background and then expand your character into multiple backgrounds and multiple spell books like on Dragon Adventures D20 RPG Beta.

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