Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle

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The new Dungeons & Dragons 5E Starter Set for the new rules expansion series “Monsters Of The Multiverse” is a small four part adventure and basic rules set, not covered is playing as monsters refer to “Monsters Of The Multiverse” Rule Book.

This adventure gives you five pre-made (Wizard, Rogue, Paladin, Fighter, Cleric) characters to play this adventure, or you can make up your own, refer to new character sheets to complete your original character.

The main features of this Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Storm Wreck Isle are centered around ability score modifiers allowing characters to have ability score rolls as well as ability score modifiers.

Meaning base ability score change in this version allows a character to increase ability scores as the game continues allowing character attack and magic increases and proficiency bonus increases as the game progresses.

This version also includes the rules for character creation, weapons, equipment, combat and spell table for this specific adventure.

Stormwreck Isle is a Dragon setting which also contains a monster list plus the adventure.

In the four part adventure the characters have landed on a small island near the main land and have to complete four main levels plus randomly travel of the map, the outdoor map on hex paper play the same as squares moving on the map on angles instead, you can add your own monster characters by using “Monsters Of The Multiverse” with the new starter set.

The adventure levels include several chapters called Dragons Rest, Seagrow Caves, Cursed Shipwreck (which is a multi level ship in the adventure) and Observatory, I assume facing the main land where you can continue the adventure on your own.

This adventure could be heading to the mainland based on introductory chapters based on the story in this first series hopefully in future game settings featuring pre-made playable monster adventures.

The new rule set shows players how to adapt to the new format with new rules settings based on acting out scenes, Hasbro for television it looks like, with an updated character sheet and the adventure has a magic item chart, spell book and equipment guide I assume for playing future adventures in the “Monsters Of The Multiverse” setting.

Dungeons & Dragons 6E is supposed to be released in 2024, read this set FIRST and then use “Monsters Of The Multiverse” and then use this update to replace previous rules from 5E, any missing information refer to the Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Players Handbook for rule.

For example…to play ahead make new adventures in this setting and add creatures to your own adventure from “Monsters Of The Multiverse” to start learning the rules, after you defeat Stormwreck Isle maybe use this as your own base and castle location to begin your new adventures on the mainland and keep the map for your own characters…maybe even establish your own town on the Island to expand later into D20 gaming.

Use the Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Players Handbook character creation guide to make your own characters for Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle to begin playing ahead and then adapt your characters to “Monsters Of The Multiverse” to play as the new monster characters on this adventure on your own.

Not available everywhere until October I’m sure this will be a large Dungeons & Dragons release for Christmas this year and players should expand the rules with “Monsters Of The Multiverse” rule book to expand the Stater Set on their own for their own custom adventures.

BASIC RULES – Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: “Dragons Of Stormrewreck Isle” & “Monsters Of The Multiverse” By Jason MacKenzie

LINK: http://www.dawnforgedcast.com

Here is a quick run down of the new rules to begin playing the all new Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons – Rules Expansion on Basic using the new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set and Monsters Of The Multiverse, how I set the game up.

Use the book Monsters Of The Multiverse and set the game up using the Basic Rules from Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle.

Characters in Dungeons & Dragons have an Ability Score between 3 and 20, Monsters Of The Multiverse playable characters, which is a large list, have Ability Scores between 1 and 30.

Choose your character Regular or Monster, your are supposed to create the character from the Starter Set first and THEN convert to your monster character.

First determine your ability score and modifier from the new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set.

Example: You must pick your character for Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle from the Dungeons & Dragons 5E Payers Handbook, THEN adapt to new Starter Set Rule Book.

This starter set contains no character information, that is listed in the 5E Players Handbook and Monsters Of The Multiverse.

Choose “Human Fighter” then add Ability Scores + Modifier:

STRENGTH: 18 (score) + 4 (modifier)

“18” is the base Ability Score and “4” is the Modifier (This can be increased later)

Now refer to “Monsters Of The Multiverse” and convert the Fighter to a monster to play as a new monster character for example: Centaur.

Converting your character to a monster you then get three new ability score points.

To make the Centaur add 2 to one ability score that you pick and 1 to another, or add 1 point to three separate ability score boxes.

Centaur becomes this based on the Fighter.

Strength add 2 for example = 20 (score) = 4 (modifier).

According to the rule book on the new Starter Set Basic Rules you must then recalculate you ability modifier bonus based on the new score of 20.

Monster can have up to 30.

The 20 Strength for the Centaur becomes a +5 modifier giving him a 20 Strength and basic increase of a +5 Strength Modifier.

Dungeons & Dragons: Starter Set & Monsters Of The Multiverse Playable Centaur

Now refer to the Character Description in Monsters Of The Multiverse.

Add these new features to your character sheet.

Speed: 40 feet

Charge: 30 Feet

Hoof Attack: 1d6 per hoof + modifier in our example the Centaur Hoof Attack has a +5 Damage Modifier based on Strength 20.

The Centaur can now Charge at 30 Feet and attack with it’s hooves at 1d6 per hoof +5 modifier starting out.

Not defined is how many foot attacks per hoof for the Centaur so assume one attack.

The first section “Playing The Game” of Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle deals with the basic rules first outlined here in my example.

The next section includes Equipping The Character.

Use common sense to equip your character and try to balance them to not have negative traits on dice rolling, for example use Armor, Sword and Shield for the Human fighter and a Short Sword and Bow and Arrow for the Centaur.

The Centaur can charge and use the Bow and Arrow from a distance to not get hit and then attack with hooves and sword if approached too closely.

THE D20 ROLL – Use This Rule To Determine Outcomes in the game for Ability Check, Saving Throw and Attack Roll.

Steps: The Dungeon Master must first do an Ability Check to determine if the character has the skill they are trying to do in the game.

If successful the round continues, saving throw is to defend magic etc. and Attack is to hit a target during weapon combat.

Roll the D20 after Ability Check and then add Ability Score Modifier + Proficiency Bonus.

Spells Of Note In This Version:

Cantrips are free character spells that are included with the character and cast at Spellbook Level 0 with no spell slot.

Other basic spells include: Magic Misslie, Detect Magic, Flaming Sphere, Shield and Guiding Bolt….use these spells as you would use weapons on a fighter.

For example choose a Magic-User Character and then pick Shield and Magic Missile to replace the Fighter’s Sword and Shield and then since the Magic-User must have lighter armor to cast spells pick a hand held weapon like a dagger and staff to go with the Magic Missile and Shield Spells.

The Fighter can attack at close range with heavy equipment and weapons while the Magic-User stands back with spells such as Shield and Magic Missile unless closely confronted while the Centaur can run back and forth charging and using hoof attacks while attacking from a distance with a bow and arrow and can also carry a short sword for close combat.

The idea is that if you use a weapon like a Bow and Arrow you need to carry a smaller sword like the Centaur so they do not become over weighted and receive a negative penalty on attack during the sword combat losing some of their strength modifier, use a smaller sword while using a bow and arrow to avoid this if this rule is used in your game play.

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