COMMENTARY: Dragon Adventures RPG: D20 Rules Update


I’m just going to jump right in on this commentary and say that when I talk about Dungeons & Dragons that doesn’t mean that’s what other people are saying.

I mean today in Halifax there are no Dungeons & Dragons Clubs or they open and close fast in some comic shop.

So I mean, to everyone playing from 1978 forward on the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, many people probably that I used to know….

Today, I have a finished version of an official rules format of what would could have been a final version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, instead it became Second Edition.

What I mean is, I took courses like math and statistics at university so that gives me an advantage in Dungeons & Dragons…these courses make the game.

Now today on D20 my game….DRAGON ADVENTURES, has completed the tables abandoned by Advanced Dungeons & Dragons….plus this is the story as I remember it about that.

As a fan I mean, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons wasn’t complete….so they did second edition.

I mean, that’s how they got the monsters and characters playing to level 99 and strength 25….by making a new edition.

That means all those original attempts listed in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Unearthed Arcana never came out on the system, but it works if you write in the values with no dice roll.

Instead, they switched it to second edition.

Since back in the 1980’s when I used to play this game it doesn’t matter what happened to me since then….I mean, maybe I was dumped…kicked out of the play group….it doesn’t matter.

That’s because today, to them they know if they play Dungeons & Dragons that I own the second ability score column on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on D20 thus finishing the rules to the game on mine DRAGON ADVENTURES.

What that means is according to University math rules my game is a finished version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with all purposed material playable on the original version.


I own the second ability score column and all it’s derivatives on D20 on DRAGON ADVENTURES as an update to the D20 system.

What comes with that is this:

New features for Ability Scores 19 – 25 – Things that the original could not over come because of it’s locked ability score values.

Meaning Spell Book 2 for spell level 10 – 19.

In Dragons Adventures over 19 Intelligence gives you a second spell book for “Unearthed Arcana” spells and for spells for 19 – 25 game play on regular settings.

The second spell book for example play at the same time as the first one.

So you get a spell book for up to intelligence 18 and a second spell book at the same time for over 19.


Character Level is not Spell Level.

Spell Level in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is 1 – 9, so I have added 10 -18.

A level 1 character with a 19 intelligence gets the spells from slot 1 on the first sheet and a bonus spell from slot 10 in the second book.

Like this, that makes it an official format.

The player gets two spell volumes for over 18 intelligence….1-9 and 10-18 like an encyclopedia.

So this is simultaneous play….spell level is not character level.

Character Level 1 had Spell Level 1 and 10.

Spell Level 1 is regular spell.

Spell Level 10 is Unearthed Arcana Level Spell.

That is simultaneous play, meaning to be official the second spell slot has to start at slot 10.

Meaning book two, spell one.

On the character sheet this means the second spell book is listed at slots 10-18 beside the first one…. so character level 1 -3 may have spell level 1 and spell level 10 open.

This gives them some spells from the regular level under 18 and some from Unearthed Arcana or higher game play over 19 intelligence for magic.

The example is, if the player has over 19 intelligence they can be wisked away on a magic carpet or other method to Unearthed Arcana.

Once there they have the spell slot open started at 10 (book two slot 1) and can used the Unearthed Arcana Spell at at Level 1.

This is my point to the commentary…in my game rules the number sequences are out of order.

That is because that it makes it official rules format.

Ability Score Column 2 for Sores 19-25 means all new spells, weapons and equipment lists for the entire game.

Column 2 means, second Spell Book for 19 to 25 Intelligence Ability Score for magic….that means new spell functions.

The same for other weapons and equipment…meaning they all get new lists for ability score values 19 – 25.

That means all new custom adjustments across all weapons and equipment on the character sheet.

Like this…

The original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons never went that far into the game, these new lists finish that game.

With the new weapon and equipment bonuses for the higher ability scores.

That’s the game I wrote for the “core rules” of DRAGON ADVENTURES.

So when people ask me…if you finished a version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that meets possible official rules for a final game….then you can’t change the rules in it?

I said…correct.

The rules are updated in DRAGON ADVENTURES.

The purposed “finished version” of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system is just the D20 rule set that I added to to play to ability scores 25.

So I had to add that to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to make DRAGON ADVENTURES on D20.

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons custom rule set I made including the second ability score column and it’s directives like the expanded spell and weapons lists belong to DRAGON ADVENTURES on D20.

I made that a “fixed version” to “patch” Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to be playable for my game on D20.

That’s what I mean, by making DRAGON ADVENTURES D20 RPG BETA I had to make the Second Ability Score column now I own that on D20 for DRAGON ADVENTURES because no one ever made it.

So on D20 my game DRAGON ADVENTURES owns functions like the Second Spell Book for spell level 10-18 for Unearthed Arcana and all the character adjustment table updates and slots for future spell names.

What I mean is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons abandoned this system for Second Edition, meaning today on D20 DRAGON ADVENTURES owns an official version of the second ability score column and it’s functions like Unearthed Arcana weapons and equipment lists plus the spell book for spell levels 10-18 for wizards in Unearthed Arcana.

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