Commentary: Dungeons & Dragons “Dragonlance” & Best Weapons In The Game

If you play Dungeons & Dragons and follow along online with Hasbro and game groups I would recommend that now is the time to quit and go back to your old game, after using all this new stuff as practice.

The “Dragon Queen” Saga…I mean who would even play Dungeons & Dragons and not get along with the Dragon Queen…the main character in public domain fantasy fiction.

Of course Hasbro has their own “Queen Of The Dragons” that’s just theirs but anyone can say Dragon Queen or Queen Of The Dragons.

So if you’re not in with the Dragon Queen on Hasbro’s game I don’t know what you’re playing.

Dragonlance is a Dungeons & Dragons Expansion set, out since early versions of the game now on the new game “Shadow Of The Dragon Queen” it’s all messed up all over the internet and it’s not all available at book stores.

So if book stores and Hasbro don’t have their work done why should you bother with the over the top playtest expansions and now playable on current versions and “Unearthed Arcana” has never “made it” as a core part of the game in any versions, the new play test is super high rule sets that are never in the first versions, so mostly a waste of time today with no content or game material available.

So you go back to Dungeons & Dragons 5E and start with the “Hoard Of The Dragon Queen” series for 5E and now just add “Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen” expansion book for 5E and then I put all that on the shelf to finish later and put the “Monsters Of The Multiverse” expansion set also aside to play later.

Now there’s no point in continuing in that direction of the game because the material never came out yet or properly and you can’t put it together at home.

Now you quit that one and go back to 5E, then 6E in 2024 is compatable with the current adventure books.

So go back to 5E and play your regular adventures and then continue them with the 6E manual when that comes out, I mean this expansion and playtest set is so large and not out it’s never going to be in the first versions of 6E.

Then the new Dragonlance and Monsters Of The Multiverse sets are not usable at home yet and not all available in book stores.

So maybe go back to 5E and play some regular adventures or other adventure modules and wait for the 6E book, so whatever is with all that it doesn’t look like to me it will be out soon.

On my beta game Dragon Adventures, I’ve reviewing the patch we discovered for our own rules expansion of the abandoned first “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” rule book, and that will be the rules in Dragon Adventures.

So we can add more tables to the expanded slots and make new monster combinations.

My two main problems with the D20 format today is the combat tables and the dice system.

This needs to be released on open source, I mean with the current state of Dungeons & Dragons at the book store I question if all this was properly play tested for combat on D20 dice rolling system I mean with the disarray in the newest releases which makes me question the validity of the weapons tables.

My pick for the weapon is the Two Handed Long Sword for the Human Fighter Character, “Fighter” in my book, that is the largest most practical weapon for the male fighter character.

Now I doubt full play testing in the new books so I don’t know how the sword runs without having the full rule set of books in the book stores.

Meaning you can’t play the Two Handed Long Sword on all that yet…because you can’t easily compile everything into one adventure module for regular everyday players.

That’s because when I say in the expansion I don’t know how the sword fights in the new Dragonlance books because they keep saying 5E rules and then add expansion books and then the new Starter Set is still not available in areas.

So you can’t do all that, I mean my reference is that when I check the update patch that we made for Dragon Adventures the fighter can have expanded two handed functions at higher ability score levels which could give him easier use of the larger sword as if it was a smaller one.

Making the weapon play better in the new higher adventure books and rules expansions from Hasbro, if you add those functions.

I just mean for the Hasbro rules when you say Starter Set (New) and then Rules Expansion plus use 5E….then 6E in 2024.

When I look at those books and announced rule sets I can’t see where the sword fully plays the same in the whole game, like on other ranked weapon lists on the internet, I mean the sword seems to max out and fail the rule test when adding two many advanced features…like now you can play and fight against “monster claws” as a weapon like the two handed long sword but there are no adventures modules that feature those options specifically from Hasbro.

Like there’s no specific line for that, to test our favorite weapons in the new rule sets.

Now I have focused to new Dragon Adventures game development, rules like adding the second ability score column makes the two handed long sword play as a lighter weapon at higher levels in the game to open up the second hand function play on the fighter to give him more skills at higher levels like other characters while keeping his same weapon.

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