Star Wars: Not The Real Boba Fett

Star Wars: Not The Real Boba Fett – Fan Script By Jason MacKenzie


Boba Fett finds out that he is not the real Boba Fett and was a decoy from the cloning program to lure Luke Skywalker in Jaba’s Palace where he was to be killed as a setup to capture the hero has planned his escape.

Returning from what Luke now thinks was some kind of dark side he was trapped in by listening to Ben now has his hand back. Returning to his old X-Wing he now meets the real Boba Fett who was part of an old military life extension program from a defeated empire who helped develop the original X-Wing Fighter Luke has now modified that have now been banned from the Republic.

Returning from the “dark side” Luke now believes has been given his life back and now learns his true destiny was to fight….

Luke refuses to fight after being trapped in the dark side…Luke’s dark side, now must face the real Boba Fett trying to capture him.