Star Wars – The Return Of Darth Vader Part One – “The Purpose Of The Force”

Star Wars – The Return Of Darth Vader Part One – “The Purpose Of The Force” – Fan Script By Jason MacKenzie


Stormtroopers clone Darth Vader and bring him back to life inside a regeneration tank pulling him from the good side of the force back into his old body returning him to the dark side in his original suit which has been reconstructed.

Emperor: “Ahhhh, what have you done?”

Seeing in the force the time line change.

Emperor: “Luke has returned from the future of the force.”

Emperor: “Vader….”

Stormtrooper: “Lord Vader has returned.”

Emperor: “Wake him.”

Darth Vader: “What of the Empire?”

Emperor: “Safe in the hands of the imperial forces.”

Darth Vader: “Excellent….I told you the power of the dark side!”

Imperial Trooper: “What of Greedo and the rest…..the bounty hunters.”

Emperor: “No…a tremor in the time line in the force with young Skywalker…Greedo survived and Solo missed his shot in the Cantena three times….because of Luke, now that he has his hand back.”

Meanwhile…at the Sarlacc pit (Return Of The Jedi)…time line…Luke’s hand restored.

// The Multiverse Effect creates new variations of the events across the Star Wars multiverse, including stories of old returned Jedi’s cloned back into their bodies from old DNA samples. //

Han Solo: “Luke…my cover….don’t escape…I’m a Rebel ship Captain…”

Bounty Hunter: “Hear him….he’s a rebel spy….Solo….”

Han Solo: “Luke…no, my cover!”

Luke: “No way Solo….not this trip…”

Luke leaves, deactivating R2D2 for corrupting his X-Wing’s Computer at Sky City in The Empire Strikes back.

Luke: “He’s not the real Boba Fett!!!…Quick, Jaba’s going to kill the imposter!”

Jabba The Hut: “Muraaaaaa, banging hands…Kill Him, Kill Him.”

Jabba pointing at Luke.

Fake Boba Fett…jumps into Sarlacc killing it and escapes.

Luke to co-pilot friend: “I could have lost my hand back there buddy.”

Luke’s Friend: “No Luke, we made it…let’s get out of here.”

Luke: “Alert the X-Wing pilots…Solo’s a rebel spy captain.”

Luke beeping computer on wrist back, all clear on Solo in the Empire…outed as a rebel spy ship captain posing a smuggler in the Empire.

Back At The Completed Fourth Death Star…

Sith Minion: “Lord Vader, this is the finished Death Star..the third was…destroyed.”

Darth Vader: “Yes, I can see this in the force.”

Darth Vader: “Young Skywalker…has found a new power in the force! With this new power no one will oppose me in Empire!”

Sith Minion: “Yes, Lord Vader” hesitantly.

Darth Vader: “Luke has shown the Empire the power of the force, since he has returned no one will oppose us.”

Sith Minion: “Yes Lord Vader….the balance in the Force.”

Darth Vader:” This new power of young Skywalker has already shown us we are the strongest in the Empire.”

Sith Minion: “He refuses to fight.”

Lord Vader: “He is just a boy…” Clasping hand.

Lord Vader , pondering the situation: “I am just an old machine to him now.”

Lord Vader: “Prepare the new suit and attach it to my body.”

Sith Minion…hesitantly: ” Yes Lord Vader.”

Darth Vader: “Build the new suit design directly into my body and begin the regeneration will take some time for the effects of the force to take affect.”

Darth Vader: “Luke has shown us the power of the Dark Side himself!”

Emperor: “Yes Lord Vader, Luke is strong in the Dark Side…what did you see?”

Darth Vader: “It will take some time to recover from my stasis, soon I will be able to look at you with my own eyes.”

Emperor: “Yes, Lord Vader…it has been a long time.”

Sith Minions laughing and nodding in agreement with Darth Vader and The Emperor.

Sith Minion: “We will begin right away Lord Vader.”

Darth Vader: “You have done well with the Force….”.

Emperor: “Yes Lord Vader, it will take some time to recover…I will prepare the celebrations in the Empire for your return, this will be a grand celebration of the Dark Side in the Empire!”

Later at rebel base…

Han Solo: “Prepare my battleship and the fleet, we have to pursue Luke he’s abandoned The Rebellion and fled with the X-Wing Fleet.”

Rebel Leader: “Yes, Captain Solo.”