Playing As Monsters In Dungeons & Dragons Stormwreck Isle & Playing Ahead

Using the new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set and Rules Expansion books you can begin playing ahead in Dungeons & Dragons heading into the 6E Release 2024.

First, let’s look at a regular character Barbarian and adapt him to the new rules and then see how the monster characters work on Stormwreck Isle.

Experienced Dungeon Master’s can then play ahead on the new rules format during the 6E game play test period at Hasbro.

First choose human Barbarian in this example, from the 5E Players Handbook.

These character are not listed in the Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle Starter Set, using other rule books you can play ahead and make your own “house rule” adventures on the new format being launched now from Hasbro.

After you choose the Barbarian you then need to pick a “character path” from the 5E Players Handbook or Rules Expansion.

Pick your skills and then write them down on your character sheet from the “character path” for the Barbarian.

Choose from 5E Players Handbook, Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything or Xanathar’s Guide To Everything to add these rules to your character to play on Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle.

Barbarian – Skill Sets Options (Primal Path):

Players Handbook 5E

Path Of The Berserker

Path Of The Totem Warrior

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything [RULES EXPANSION MANUAL]

Path Of The Ancestral Guardian

Path Of The Storm Herald

Path Of The Zealot

Tasha’s Guide To Everything [RULES EXPANSION MANUAL]

Path Of The Beast

Path Of Wild Magic

Pick which Barbarian you want to play on Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle, read the “paths of the Barbarian” sections and pick which character you like best.

Use Xanathar’s Guide To Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything for Rules Expansion Options, then use basic features from the 5E Players Handbook.

Review the new Starter Set and use those rules first on the adventure.

Write the special features on your new character sheet from the barbarian path you have chosen to play the character in Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle.

Now let’s add some monster characters to play from Monsters Of The Multiverse.

Start with creating a Human Fighter Character, is the model I am using and then convert to playable monster.

Add 3 points to your ability scores of your choice, 2 on one box or 1 in three boxes.

Learn the playable monster list FIRST and then pick how you want to assign you new scores based on the monster selection and write the monster special skills on your character sheet and scratch off human and write in your monster type.

For example flying characters such as Aakrakocra and Fairy can also walk beside the party and move faster than players so assign the ability score bonus to the stats that you want to increase for the flying character.


Aakrakocra, can carry weapons and fly at 30′ equal to it’s walking speed with a talon claw attack on the Strength Ability Score + Bonus and Proficiency on the claw / talon 1d6 Strength Damage.

Place a +2 on the Akarakoca increases it talon / claw attack PLUS weapon attack then add bonus and proficiency.

Adding a value to Intelligence could increase the monsters DC value for Ability Check in the Elemental Plane Of Air giving it an Ability Check Advantage other other non flying characters in the Air Elemental Realm where the Akarakoca would be smarter and know more about the adventure in that realm for the ability check.

To make the most of this character, use it’s ability check in those settings.

Fairy for example which is small and can also fly at 30′ equal to it’s walking ability wears armor which slows it down while flying, ability scores could be added to strength for weapon and armor combat and intelligence for magic spells and it uses the druidcraft cantrip for spell casting.


This character can be used to get into small spaces and use magic while the Akaroka is a larger bird humanoid that can fly and fight in the Air Elemental Realm against larger creatures.

Extra characters in Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle are not included in Monster’s Of The Multiverse such as Zombies which are listed in the Adventure Module.

Use Monsters Of The Multiverse to add monster characters to the adventure for the rules expansion.

I recommend using characters that fit the setting of a shipwreck island next to a larger land formation such as: Cranium Rat, Dolphin, Sea Spawn and Air Elemental Myrmidon to fight the Akarakoca on this custom adventure setting that I added to Dragons Of Stormwreck isle.

Canium Rat


Sea Spawn

Air Elemental Myrmidon

Add these new features to Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle to expanded your characters on the rules expansion and play as monsters from Monsters Of The Multiverse.

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