Dungeons & Dragons: Hit Dice & Level vs. Hit Points

In the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, view monster level by looking at the monster’s “HIT DICE” value.

For Carnivorous Ape it is “5” meaning it is a Level 5 monster.

Now determine “Hit Points”, this means 5 X “Hit Point Roll” which I would say defaults to 1d10 if you don’t know.

That means a Level 5 Ape has about 50 Hit Points.

If the Hit Dice says for example 4 – 7, the monster can appear on levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 and will have 40 to 70 Hit Points each depending on the level x Hit Dice.

In Dragon Adventures, to play ahead on the page you will need to set the Hit Dice for each monster to determine their Hit Points.

Then reward experience points from the chart listed on the page.

All other random encounter monsters can be rewarded from any treasure table off the chart, use only the chart for the Quest For The Golden Arrows specific quest.

All other random encounter rewards are just assigned openly by the Dungeon Master from the Dungeon Master’s Guide from the random reward chart, to find an example use the chart listed in The Quest For The Golden Arrows.

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