Dungeons & Dragons: 5.5 E or 6 Edition in 2024

Dungeon Cast says 5.5 is going to be the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons 6E.

See what I said, they said 6E in 2024 that’s compatible with 5E books.

Dungeon Cast says that that make’s it 5.5, so that’s going to be the name, calls for more Proficiency Roll Bonus and Death Save Rule.

Those are rules from 5th Edition, in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons they already have proficiency bonus.

That make the new version an expansion then…so I’ll just play though that while I start running a 6E beta game on Dragon Adventures.

I’m saying 6th Edition because 5E is played out.

So I’m just going to do a run through 5th Edition on this blog in Dragon Adventures format and then we’ll do a quick run through of the rule and then and see if could be a brand new rule for a 6E Beta game, then wait and see if Hasbro accepts the rule under D20 and a version 5.5 or version 6.

I’m saying 6th Edition, so mine will look like a 6E Beta Game on D20 for rule submission to Hasbro and see what happens.

Dungeon Cast says 5.5 with Proficiency Roll Bonus Rule and Death Save Rule.

I’m saying Version 6.

So I’m going run Dragon Adventures on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and compare it to Dungeons & Dragons 5.5.


LINK: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Archlich

Here’s what they are saying on the game, they said they were going to keep on the Modules for the next version including my personal favorite Candlekeep Mysteries , an adventure module with a series of short adventures in it.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e is a story based telling game, what the game need’s is an expansion of story telling to help control game direction, based on their “civilization type” rule in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

I’m saying this game is played out….the game needs a story telling expansion not a rule book switch for a 3.5 or with the same modules.

Dungeon Cast is saying they are going to release new rule books for the same adventure modules to keep all their adventure modules making it a 5.5 Edition.

Then they can run Dungeon’s & Dragons Adventurer League, some kind of online game with stat tracking or something which uses specific rule variations.

Now they want new rules put in it for a 5.5 to change the rule books for the same modules…then you run the same modules on the new rule books with the Proficiency Bonus Roll and Death Save Rule.

Then you update your game adventures with the new rule variations making it 5.5.

Forms Of Government In 5th Edition

I’m saying expand the story for a Version 6.

Then allow the Dungeon Master to penalize for improper story telling during the game to see if the player understands the types of societies they are presented in the rule book for game background selection.

The Archlich in Version 5 versus the Demilich in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons creates separate game backgrounds.

Advanced Dungeon & Dragons already has the proficiency bonus included with the game, keep in mind I’m just doing a glance at this topic and not based on any other rules in the game only this table.

They say in 5E that the Archlich is obviously running a Chaotic Monarchy.

The civilization would be a monarchy of Character Alignment Chaotic.

Making it an Evil Dictatorship, in the story in 5E the new rule book switch would then allow for the Archlich to have a potential proficiency to summon a super evil weapon or spell to kill the player plus potential Death Save Rule which I think they are saying is not clarified in the game for regular play.

However, making a completely new version and throwing all that out would allow for game expansion on a different feature like “story telling mode” where in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons using the Civilization Type table allows for the Demilich to already have a proficiency bonus, now he would also have an Evil Monarchy.

That is a D20 rule I could include in Dragon Adventures my D20 Beta Test Game, or something like a 6th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Dungeon Master in a completely new 6th Edition would be given updated rules and tables for understanding the civilization type, then penalize the characters for items like talking out of alignment for the wrong background.

Then giving them a -7 penalty on their attack or defense roll for talking in the wrong background thus catching the characters sneaking into the Evil Dictatorship.

This would award them with a new scenario from the Adventure Module or Dungeon Master’s Guide that would automatically send them down the wrong path in the adventure which would rule out easier adventure scenarios in the game since the characters have been caught in the Evil Dictatorship and lead them to taking a harder path into the game by breaking rules like talking out of alignment in the story telling mode.

Plus Proficiency Roll Bonus and Death Save may be included somewhere else in the game anyway.

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