RPG: How You Can Own Your Own Official Rules In Games Like Dungeons & Dragons

Like I’ve been saying on this blog, I’ve developed New Official Rules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as a third party game developer….meaning this opens up new routes in D20 RPG.

For Example Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 could have a patch written for it on D20 to make it 4.0 Alternate Version if a third party developer could write an original rules patch that ran seamlessly on it’s own system.

The developer would own original rules to the game not owned by the original company for the third party D20 System.

Then, with 5E just expired…I’m going to be reviewing that for game development on D20, a similar patch might make that a different system on the open rules system.

Third party developers can now become owners of “Official Rules Versions” of old original games.

Like in my game DRAGON ADVENTURES…

We Officially Added according to the rules in it’s own Players Handbook the second ability score column which allows new rules for example to have an additional spell book for Unearthed Arcana spells at Level 1…new to the game and New Official Rules according to the Players Handbook.

My next patch….hopefully 5E, since One D&D is out to compete with all the people playing for these systems…the winners will own official rules copies for their RPG games not owned by the original game makers when more people develop new patches like these on old game systems.

Besides that, who cares what rule it is…owning an official rule in a game like this is a big deal and makes your own RPG official.

I know that I’ll be researching more of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook hopefully to find new areas to be developed, which will be posted for use on D20 systems, so that I can own and create more original official rules from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for my D20 RPG BETA DRAGON ADVENTURES.

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