Dawn Forged Cast Winter Update 2021

Welcome to the Dawn Forged Cast ( www.jasonmackenzie.net) Winter Update 2021, I was asked to write a page like a Comic Book Magazine so here it is…follow along with the magazine by reading along with the blog posts.

This blog is the Comic Book Magazine blog for other projects I am working on with updates from stuff I am working on like Space Command .

That is a Book Series I am developing with an attempted Comic Book and Toy Launch that I have started.

Visit the Book Reading Guide and Character List here:

LINK: http://www.space-command.net

This is a huge update here for me at my Comic Book Magazine, Dawn Forged Cast.

What has happened is that I have just taken up a different opportunity to work on something else that comes out in a few years and all of the other projects I am working on fall under that so running this blog helps me get all my other work done.

With the new stuff I am doing all of my work now falls under one job, Comic Book Store.

So running the comic book store page here I’ll be able to get all my work done better to get my books and stuff going and I’ll be blogging about the content I currently have in production.

That is the content of this blog, so to get my material out faster I am running it on the Comic Book Store page while it is in production.

The Space Command book series material and other stuff I am doing will be posted here first in blog format, so when you read the book guide this is where I will be introducing the characters and talking about the story lines that are in development.

Then here I will show the pictures and characters and tell you all what is going to be in the book when it comes out and the sections on the blog will be the magazine articles for the comic book magazine of stuff going on in the store while we’re making that.

I’m also working in music and right now the comic book store is promoting SLAM METAL.

That’s just for the ads in the comic books and stuff, like at the store…Slam Metal is one of the advertisers, then their might be some music content on the blog.

The other topic / advertiser is Space Command, my series, which is also an advertiser with the music stuff and content on the store page.

Now there’s two big huge things happening, one is this happening because I’m working on a larger project right now, and this falls under content for that one…that will be out in a few years but it falls under Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Space Command.

The next thing is it is the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Tribute and Fan Page and the Spider Man & His Amazing Friends Fan Page .

Carried over from my other blog as I said there, the main Comic Book Store content is Fan Fiction now and Fan Game Modules.

You’re allowed selling your own Dungeon’s & Dragons Modules now as long as you use the official page only, all other content is fan fiction pages.

I don’t know how people are selling their own fan fiction products, that is not what is on this page.

This is official versions only and fan content.

The stuff I am working on to sell is separate and listed at the blog’s store page, all this content is stuff I am carrying in the store like Marvel Products and the page is mostly Fan Fiction and pre Production Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Modules which you’re allowed selling officially through Dungeons & Dragons.

There will also be sports stuff on this page, specifically New York Yankees and Classic NHL Hockey.

Like Sports Commentary, here at Dawn Forged Cast, we’ll be providing you with stats and tips from the games and stuff…things you should know for visiting the Comic Book Store.

Like this, New York Yankees win Second Place in AL East in 2020, came in First in Player Batting Average.

That’s pretty good these days people, there’s too much competition out there in Competitive Sports, #2 in the AL East is a big win last year for the New York Yankees, plus with a #1 MLB Player Batting Average New York’s looking good at some point for another World Series Title.

Like the greatest MLB Broadcast Team YES Network Yankees stars David Cone and Paul O’Neil on their broadcast use for their stats I use http://www.baseball-reference.com , I mean if it’s good enough for O’Neill and Cone then it’s good enough for me.

Let’s see where Paul O’Neill stacks up to today’s batting average to see where he fits in to today’s players from his World Series Title with the New York Yankees in 2000, we’re they’re trying to get their current team to who finished second last year in the AL East.

Like that, for writing broadcast tips and stuff for their show – that’s what I’m doing on my page that kind of format.

That’s the material I am working on, like what’s going on with the broadcast out back and what people are saying about it while I’m setting up my store that’s this blog content.

That’s our fan content and then we’re covering our own stuff too.

O’Neil and Cone say use http://www.baseball-reference.com for your stats for your page so let’s see what we got.

2020 – MLB Batting Average #1 – First Place – .364

Hopefully we’re reading that stats table right.

Paul O’Neill Batting Average 17 Seasons – Batting Average – .288

Way behind last years winner overall, but a great record…plus he’s a World Series Champion New York Yankee with his team mate Derek Jeter and the new team isn’t.

For a Second Place AL East Team in 2020 their going have to get the rest of their team numbers up if they want to compete with O’Neill, Cone and Jeter for a future MLB World Series Championship.

Stuff like that, those are the lines and stats we’re working on for our stuff at our page.

Then we’re also doing NFL, NHL, MLB and also minor leagues as it comes up if their’s something good happening we can promote in the Comic Book Store.

Now here is the bomb.

I’m making Space Command a board game on the D20 System as I release the books but I’m not printing it on D20 because of the open license agreement, my opinion is the dice are free anyway and tons of companies are printing them now.

I don’t know what’s going on with this but I’m going to let that resolve itself while my game is in development and I want to see what it looks like on the D20 System in development mode before making a printing decision when I release the game in the future.

That’s what I will be blogging about on the page, making my game Space Command on the D20 System to see if it’s worth it or not and to see how it works.

That is why I’m doing the blog at the Comic Book Store, so I can show you in the magazine what the books, games, comics and toys look like before they are released.

The book series and merchandise are already a success if it’s printed…anyone would take this game for free and if we printed it and gave it away so that’s how I know it’s done as a product, this page is about the development stage of making the game to see if we can sell cartoons and action figures at places like Wal-Mart.

That is the big goal of Space Command, to see if we can make it a big commercial product line like Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons.

Then I’ll be posting pictures and prints to release the game on this page through the Comic Book Magazine blog .

Then you can follow the book and game content here as it’s being created to get the characters and game launched from the comic book magazine.

I also work doing music promotion, mostly Heavy Metal music and that’s just the ads and stuff in the Comic Book Magazine and additional content, like Slam Metal ads and stuff and ads for my products and stuff we have in development.

Then it’s fan fiction….

Sections of the magazine, this one, are Comic Book and Game game Fan Fiction sections, the company itself that owns the real products in the future might want to buy story lines so we’re writing some scripts to see if Star Wars, Marvel and them might want them from the fan fiction section.

Like they’re for fun in the fan fiction section and they would be for sale if the company wanted to buy our specific fan script.

So we’re doing a Star Wars, Marvel and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fan Fiction Section.

The book scripts in the fan fiction section are for Star Wars, Firestar (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends) and The Uncanny X-Men.

For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons we are doing our own adventure module setting like Greyhawk or Dragonlance.

Ours is called Dragon Adventures.

You can visit the page here http://www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com/dragonadventures

The first book of Dragon Adventures is The Quest For The Golden Arrows .

Remember it is Dragon Adventures – TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fan Page on the D20 System.

That is what this blog is, details about the game as it is being developed.

The Quest For the Golden Arrows is a game module I made at home specifically for girls who wanted to learn how to play Advanced Dungeon’s & Dragons which is not Dungeon & Dragon’s today which is a separate game.

The previous content links to my other blog are listed on the main page of this one www.dawnforgedcast.com to my game guides that I am now writing on this blog and at:


Remember it’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Dragon Adventures module series – like Greyhawk or Dragonlance.

I’m writing this under the Dungeon & Dragons content sharing policy and as unconnected fan content only as a development game for the D20 System to see what it looks like and I’m also using that for my Space Command RPG to see what it looks like on the D20 System while it’s being developed, along with the books and toys which will be this blogs content.

We have two fan fiction Star Wars scripts and one The Uncanny X-Men script in development.

In the first Star Wars script “The Return Of Darth Vader” storm troopers cloned by The Empire follow instructions given by them from The Emperor to collect Darth Vader’s DNA, regrowing his disfigured body into the Darth Vader suit pulling him back from the force into the dark side in his regrown body while the Empire begins construction on the third Death Star.

The original characters must then retrieve their old weapons and Xwing Fighters to fight the Empire which have been banned by the reformed Republic and the characters return to “rebel status” against the Republic so that they can fight the Empire while The Republic tries tries to legally restore order in the galaxy.

In the second Star Wars script Luke Skywalker returns from the Force to the past in Episode Four “A New Hope” to assist Obi Wan secretly in the background of Episode Four, the first movie from 1977.

Luke watching himself in the past while disembodied at some point in the future after his death in the light side of the force determines that he has been led into the Dark Side for failing Obi Wan’s instructions in the first movie.

Later, Luke’s anger at Anakin Skywalker and The Emperor has led him to the dark side for not following Obi Wan’s instructions.

Seeing his mistakes in the future in the force he travels back in time to help a disembodied Obi Wan try to get him on the right path while he watches himself slowly turning to the dark side in the first movie Star Wars 1977 while trying to get Obi Wan to convince him to change so he does not fall into the dark side with his father Akakin Skywalker.

The Uncanny X-Men script is based on the 1980’s Mini-Series “The Fall Of The Mutants” where the story continues forty years later.

Although short in the past the conflict has now erupted into “The War Of The Mutants” which is the name of the series.

The Uncanny X-Men “The War Of The Mutants” is a decade long background in the X-Men mutant character series of books and comics and the non mutant characters are unaffected.

The X-Men series and the cross over characters fall into a separate background for the decade where all the mutant story lines take place.

In “The War Of The Mutants” story line The Uncanny X-Men cause the mutants to fall out of favor with the human leadership, after taking a trip to Washington D.C. with the X-Men Wolverine decides their better off without them and decapitates the President on live television .

The X-Men and their school for mutants fall out of favor with the human military forces who then begin hunting and arresting them.

Although out numbered by the humans Wolverine and The X-Men don’t seem to be concerned being so much stronger than them in small groups have to remain on the run and in plain clothes for ten years while they hide from the humans during the war, while he leads them on a dusty journey in plain clothes through the back roads of America as they follow him on his adventure.

Other characters like Captain America remain unaffected because they are humans and in the United States Military in the Super Soldier category story lines.

No fan fiction script yet for Firestar and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends where Firestar has been revealed as Mary Jane Watson but this is a huge event in the Spider-Man series as Mary Jane Watson will be playing Firestar in the new Spider-Man movie as revealed on www.cbr.com .

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