Dungeons & Dragons: Hasbro Corporation, Confusion On Game Boxes – Updated / Correction

UPDATED: Aside from the box above which has apparently two different versions Dungeons & Dragons new press release says that they have switched formats and now only publish Fifth Edition Books.

Fifth Edition is the core rule set for SRD5.1 the Open Source / Creative Commons version.

What they mean is all future versions will be based on SRD5.1 with new copyrighted editions of the rule books coming out in 2024 as SRD5.1 Updated Manuals.

So they said they have dropped the “edition version” and made them all Fifth Edition SRD5.1 as the core rule book versions, this makes them compatible with all past Fifth Edition Books.

You can now follow the Dungeons & Dragons game, which is only Fifth Edition / SRD5.1 now, all new books will be updated versions of SRD5.1 making the game backwards compatible now.

The news announcement said that the new books you can now follow by release year for the latest versions which are just SRD5.1 new core rule set updated versions, now it is all Fifth Edition.

I predict this to be a huge hit for Dungeons & Dragons and is probably the biggest news ever in the game.

All new rule manuals will be out 2024 as SRD5.1 new copyrighted content versions for their own content running on SRD5.1 like outside game systems.

The current versions will be Fifth Edition updated versions of the Dungeons Masters Guide, Players Handbook and Monster Manual 2024 as Hasbro Official Fifth Edition SRD5.1 Updated Bookstore Versions with new updated rules etc. on the new system.

I think this will be the biggest Dungeons & Dragons seller ever and makes the game extremely commercial, accessible and successful.

The new Official Rule Books also include One D&D which is the Playtest version based on Fifth Edition / SRD5.1.

Again follow the latest Dungeons & Dragons Book Store versions by following the release year date which are all now backwards compatible on the Fifth Edition System which I personally think is a way more stable and easier game system.


Based on SRD5.1 / Fifth Edition Core Rules System.

Dungeon Masters Guide 2024

Players Handbook 2024

Monster Manual 2024

Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle

Monsters Of The Multiverse

Tasha’s Guide To Everything

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

One D&D Playtest Material – Unearthed Arcana 2023.


Right on schedule to market demands Hasbro has shifted to movies and television some webpages promising a new Dungeons & Dragons TV Channel, on Paramount+.

I could really see the Dungeons & Dragons TV Channel being really successful I mean the amount of stories they put on there from their medieval content etc. game play broadcasts all that.

However, but did Hasbro drop the ball on the game already?

In the middle of all this television success?

I mean, it says right on the box of the new “Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle” Starter Set with the 5E Players Handbook, woah….slow down there a minute, Batman’s not Public Domain yet.

Then they said “new version”, now all books are still listed as 5E until the new Dungeon Masters Guide comes out next year.

So they say that, now you say Starter Set One from 5E…what was that for the 4E Players Handbook?

No, they said the new one was backwards compatible, so the new Starter Set still works on the same system.

Some people don’t understand all that, also that Players Handbook is the SRD5.1 manual and the bulk of it is Public Domain.

So Dungeons & Dragons is still printing for 5E for Public Domain rules on their new books like Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle and Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen, they are supposed to be compatible with the next Dungeon Masters Guide.

What are you talking about?

I mean you get al these pages and internet magazines and they talk about their favorite rules etc. and features from new books that appears to be officially promoted.

Then you don’t get game walkthroughs and all that on those pages, but you get a glossy look that describes their favorite parts of the books on a house rules format.

I mean, you open the next book go to the update section and then people write about what they think about just that one page added on a disconnected house rules system…then today you get game confusion at the book store.

The main bookstores I go to are the main one in Halifax Chapters / Coles and they have a huge SOLD OUT Dungeons & Dragons section the same at Toys R Us, then ran the toy store promotion during the Dungeons & Dragons movie release at the Imax / Dbox theater in the same shopping plaza.

I know that was a huge promotion they just had here in Halifax, now at the book store it’s all Dungeons & Dragon: Honor Among Thieves art books, like hardcover picture books from the movie and Chris Pine’s picture on everything for his new Dungeons & Dragons character adventures.

I mean it looked like a good release to me over there.

Then they don’t have the new Starter Set, just a picked over section of old players handbook stuff and picked over gift sets, plus new Dungeons & Dragons “dicelings” toys that look like a dice then fold out into a Dragon like a transformers toy, stuff like that they have out.

My point, Dungeons & Dragons 5E was the biggest selling version ever and was released during a massive scam that released billions of dollars of fake entertainment promotions into places like Canada from the United States, now those people are getting sentenced on the news right now.

So if the game is not on a clearly defined book release it can get lost in the scams and over printed third party content that look like Dungeons & Dragons but could be third party D20 books from before SRD5.1.

So now where’s all the new third party books at? Hahaha.

I just laugh because all the hype on Youtube pages about D20 and game reviews didn’t have an SRD5.1 release for the new third party content.

Now Hasbro destroys all this with a new Dungeons & Dragons playtest and movie / merchandise release.

It just seems like a lot of extra writing printing 5E books on Open Source SRD5.1 right up until the new version deadline BUT maybe they are selling so that’s what’s happening.

My point, the new Starter Set “Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle” plays on “Players Handbook 5E rules” NOT INCLUDED in the Starter Set, you have to play in on SRD5.1 Rules which is the 5E Players Handbook.

The adventure module in the Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle is a 5E / SRD5.1 release.

In 2014 when 5E came out the first “Start Set” and “Essentials Kit” are NOT players handbook material…although there is an adventure in the boxes.

You don’t play the 5E Starter set on the 4E Players Handbook, like the new version “Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle”, it is for the 5E Players Handbook and SRD5.1.

So you don’t just buy the Starter Set and then start playing.

My other point, no one goes to the book store and buys a Dungeons & Dragon box set and then you have to search for additional material to play the rest, like website and third party content.

It doesn’t matter how many versions of rules are around on what is today SRD5.1, the 5E rules manual, on photocopied pages and third party pages….no one prints their own books when shopping at the bookstore or looks for new third party content that they have to compile on loose sheets to learn the rest of the game.

By today’s example you would play the 5E Starter Set in 2014 on the 4E Players Handbook but that is NOT TRUE.

They just changed that recently, the Starter Set runs on the 5E Players Handbook.

At the launch of 5E the Adventure Module’s in the box sets were not playable until the Players Handbook was released.

However, the confusion is that there were additional loose sheets of game material to play the rest of the game that you had to put together yourself to play the game.

Nobody wants that when shopping at the book store, my point is the Starter Sets from Dungeons & Dragons are Dungeon Master Oriented, today these run on 5E or SRD5.1.

Going forward they announced that the next Players Handbook / Dungeon Masters Guide runs old versions so if the 6E Starter Set Comes out it’s Playable on the 5E Players Handbook….not like when 5E came out.

So the new Starter Set says use 5E, HOWEVER when the new Dungeon Master’s Guide and Players Handbook come out you can use 5E on the Starter Sets and the next rule books that come out.

In my opinion on Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle they should have said on the box “Compatible with 5E” not “Use 5E Players Handbook” so players will know they can use 5E on the Starter Set until the next 6E Version Players Handbook comes out.

Something that was NOT available from 4E when the 5E Original Starter Set and Essentials Kit were released.

Press said “Compatible with 5E” for next release, 6E Version Backwards. Boxset says “Use 5E”.

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